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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

About Us

What is Ulsan Online?

Ulsan Online is a website and facebook group that is committed to helping all communities in Ulsan. We are the bridge between both Korean and expat communities as well. Ulsan Online works with the Ulsan Police service as a part of their Ulsan Leaders Club and has also won an award in 2014 from the city of Ulsan for our passion in promoting tourism in Ulsan.

Our goal is to provide information in English to the various communities around Ulsan. As a community we try to help everyone so that their time in Ulsan is the best that it can be. We strive to make sure that people enjoys their time in Ulsan and ensure positive memories of their time here.

What We Are Not

Ulsan Online is not a place for anyone to promote themselves for their own gain or profit. It is not a place that is tied to any one particular group of people, race, religion, or belief system. The only thing that we try to make sure is that our posts and articles are in the English language as that is a commonality between many of our group members.

The Ulsan Online community is also not a place to debate moral, ethical or political topics. We reserve the right to delete posts from our facebook page should they be inflammatory or insulting in nature. It is also up to the administrators of that page to decide who gets banned and what gets deleted.

Why can’t my business post on the Ulsan Online facebook page for free?

Ulsan Online is supported by selling advertising packages to businesses in and around the community. We try to make sure that these businesses are foreigner-friendly and are seeking to help the community and not just profit from them. We see our advertisers as partners in this community and try to make sure that they benefit by getting exclusive access to the 8,000+ members of our facebook group. By advertising with us, you are ensuring that the wealth of information contained on the site is always available for the people of Ulsan.

Why do some events get to posted on the facebook group for free and others have to pay?

As a rule Ulsan Online allows for churches/ religious community groups of any denomination to post for free. We are not a religious group but we feel that these churches play a crucial role in helping foreigners adjust to their new life as well as provide help for those in need. Local groups who donate their time and money are also allowed to post for free but they must donate the entire proceeds to be considered. Organizations like We-Hope are a prime example of the standard and dedication we are looking for in these groups.

If your group “sometimes” or “usually” donates some money to “a charity” but the vast majority of the income made from your event goes to a local business or the organizer’s pockets then you are not a charitable event by our standards.

The reason for this is that Ulsan Online actually costs money to keep online. The editors and administrators put in a lot of time and effort to keep the site running and spam-free. This commitment to providing an active community and a great source of information on the community is what enabled the Ulsan Online group to grow larger than many other online expat communities. However, we still need support from the community to continue to grow.

That means that profit-based groups or businesses have to pay to advertise and promote themselves on our facebook page and website.   If you are active in the community and are actually helping us help the people of Ulsan, arrangements can be made. However, if your group, business, or event only wants to advertise to bring more people to you, then you are a profit-based business in our eyes and thus, subject to our advertising policy.

Why does it cost so much to advertise on Ulsan Online?

The reality is that compared to other expat sites and publications we are not that expensive. However, we have cover our site fees and upgrades coming later on in the year. In order to cover these costs we have chosen a rate that is well below that of other expat sites in Korea but allows us to pay our expenses and upgrades.

With regards to the value of the advertising package, if you include the fact that our site is the only expat site for Ulsan and thus gets hundreds if not thousands of hits a day and our facebook page has over 9000 members, then you can see the value right there. As an advertiser you get an ad on the front page, inclusion in our monthly email and exclusive access to our facebook community.

I am just a teacher, why can’t I post my job?

Recently, we added a job board as a further service to the community. As a way to help support the site we attempted to charge a  small 5,000 fee much like most ESL job boards. However, despite the fact that the fee was relatively small it failed miserably. So send us an email and we can post it for you.  However, if you are a recruiter, it probably means that you simply don’t want to pay and we will not post recruiter jobs for free. The reason being that many of these companies make about $1000 per teacher they place in a school. Thus, they are utilizing free posts on facebook to make more money. If you are not willing to support Ulsan Online then you cannot post on our facebook page. So, with respect to our rules, please refrain from posting to the facebook page without contacting us or paying for a job post first.

**Also note that there are actual JOB pages for ULSAN that are probably more effective and “cheaper” to get your job filled. Try the Ulsan Substitute Teacher Group (link) or the Teaching Jobs in Ulsan Group 

Why did my post get deleted?

If your post was deleted from the facebook forum it means that it violated the rules of the group. The moderators try their best to remove posts that break the rules or are argumentative in nature. If you are looking for a debate, there is a separate group for that. The posts on our facebook group are not your property so do not act like we stole your ice cream or “demand an explanation” if your post gets deleted.

Also, please note that we (the staff and moderators) reserve the right to delete any content that we see fit. Demanding to know the reason in a negative manner will not get you very far. Simply put, if your post got deleted it was for a good reason and if your post is so important to you, please contact us and we’d be happy to explain things.

However, please understand that just because you are a member of the Ulsan Online facebook group, does not give you the right to post anything that you want or cast judgement over what should get posted. This is a community group that is primarily “g-rated” and English speaking. We also try to stay as non-political as we can. So if you are wanting to post something that you know not everyone will agree with and that is not really helpful to the group, then there are other facebook groups that would love your content but, not ours.


Why are there some out-of-date or inaccurate posts?

Things change at light speed in Ulsan and we often don’t know when a particular restaurant or business goes out of business or moves. We rely on our community to make sure that these posts are up-to-date by informing us when some posts are out-of-date or wrong. By drawing from the thousands of people in our facebook groups we can try and keep track. However, there are times when a post just gets forgotten about and if there are inaccuracies, please let us know.

**We are fully aware that some of the maps and bus schedules are not 100% accurate and we are working on that. One of the issues that occurred when the site transferred hands so many times is that some of the codes got lost. We are working on revamping the site with regards to the bus schedule. This is another reason why the fees for jobs and advertising are so important. I cannot recode the site myself. Thus, I need to pay for plugins and designers to do the work. So to recoup some of the money we look towards advertising and job ads. If you are really stuck, there are a number of bus apps that you can download directly to your phone.

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