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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

One Heart Festival

On November 29th in Ulsan Grand Park, the Ulsan International Volunteer Center (UIVC) will hold their annual One Heart Festival.

This is an active participation event designed to bring cultures closer together. UIVC would like to have as many presenters as possible to share and feel their cultures so that we both Korean and foreigners get to know better about one another.

Participants are encouraged to share their cultures by dancing, singing, reciting poems –  anything that you want to share with people through the talent show.

And for the second half of event UIVC is planning on playing several group games such as a group jump-roping, take-them all-off, Korean dictation match, Charades, Roll the ball and so on. For the children, they’ll have jump-roping, kicking shuttlecock and cock fighting.

Last year, the festival had talent representing such diverse communities as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, and the Philippines. Westerners were represented by the famous Won-shot Wanderers Soccer Club team.

Creating and adding new teams is highly encouraged. Surely the Ulsan English teachers or Engineering communities can come up with something to share.

A supper of kimbab, soy bean soup, rice cake and other refreshments will be provided.

At the very end of the whole programme, UIVC will put together the scores attained from each activity(traditional show+group games) and the winners will get a cash prize.

Prize money for group competition (7 minutes time limit)  is:

  • 1st Place – 500,000 KW
  • 2nd Place –  300,000KW
  • 3rd Place-  200,000KW

Prize money for individual talent show (3 minute time limit) is:

  • 1st Place 100,000KW
  • 2nd Place – 70,000KW
  • 3rd Place – 50,000KW

The event will be at the gymnasium in the community center in Ulsan Grand Park. The gymnasium is at the lower level of the community center building.

To get there, go to main gate of the park, which is near Uljugun District Office in Okdong, and it’s at the very right side of the park. The event will be from 2pm to 6pm.

Okdong community center