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UNIST Students Fundraising for Philippines

Hello Dear fellows,

As you may know, the death tool of the Typhoon Haiyan victims in Philipines has raised above 6000. Some 4.3 million people were said to have been displaced — one million of whom were children. The storm has damaged millions of dollars worth of crops and infrastructure, destroyed half-a-million homes, and affected more than 10 million people.

To help those in need that are suffering, campus wide fundraising campaign is launched in UNIST by the UNIST students. The money will then be donated to The Red Cross – Philippines and the process will be made public to ensure that the funds have been donated for the right cause

We need your support and help! Please donate as much as you can to help the ones in need!

Further info:

How to donate:

1.Fundraising Booths available in UNIST at several places from Tuesday

2.Account info: Kyongnam Bank Account # 540-21-0833781, Account name “Donate”

About us: Facebook group:

Project organizers: – Ahmed Mukhtar (CSE- 20101594, UNIST) 010-4351-3155

-Linh Dang Phuong Chu, (DGS- 20131782, UNIST)

-Purevnamjil Khoszul (TM-20101748, UNIST)

– Enkhzul Amarsanaa ( NBC- 20111762, UNIST

– Luc Mikhail Loja ( DGS -20131788, UNIST) – Hanan Jamal ( DGS, 20132019, UNIST)

– Anku (CSE, UNIST)

– Mayzonee Ligaray ( UEE, 20135201, UNIST )

– Jeshurun Biney ( NBC, 20122003 UNIST)

– Jonas Nyamador (DGS, 20132020, UNIST)

– Sol Loja (DGS, 20132028, UNIST)

– Nyambayar Sugartseren (NBC, 20111761, UNIST)

– Marian Adusei , UNIST

– Adrian Matias Chung Baek, UNIST

– Youngbay Sung, UNIST

And the following UNIST clubs and organizations:  Student Union,  Club Union, UISO, UNICH, Unplugged, Epidemic, Melting Point, Pianistar, Others!


You can watch the promotional video here on YouTube.