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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

World Cup Rugby in Ulsan

Al is going to open Cima up for the 3pm start of the South Africa match this Saturday, followed by Ireland/Australia at 5:30. He’ll likely show any other weekend matches that are of importance to Ulsan foreigners, so ask nicely if a match is coming up that you’re interested in. Cima is in Samsandong, just down from the Trevi Brauhaus intersection, walking away from Hyundai Department Store. Tell a taxi driver “Terminal Haejangook”. Cima’s on the 4th floor – look for 시마 on the sign.

Benchwarmers has a full schedule of the matches they’ll be showing. Benchwarmers is in Songnamdong, (tell a taxi driver “Shinae, Shigaytop”). From the clock tower circle (shigaytop), walk one block away from the walking street, turn left and walk another block. Bench is down the alley just past the intersection, on your right hand side.

Here are the games they’ll be playing (all Korean times):

* Saturday September 10th – Argentina v England (5.30PM)

* Saturday September 17th – Australia v Irealand (5.30PM)

* Saturday September 24th – New Zealand v France (5.30PM)

* Saturday October 1st – England v Scotland (5.30PM)

* Saturday October 8th – QF1 2PM

* Saturday October 8th – QF2 4:30PM

* Sunday October 9th – QF3 2PM

* Sunday October 9th – QF4 4:30PM

* Saturday October 15th – SF1 5PM

* Saturday October 16th – SF2 5PM

* Sunday October 23rd – Final 5PM