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The Monthly Ulsan Orphanage Trip

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 in | Comments Off on The Monthly Ulsan Orphanage Trip

Everyone is welcome. Please check below if you are coming so we have a rough estimate of how many volunteers will be coming. See the comments for a map to the pickup point. The new meeting point will be posted in the comments below. At this time it is like the last visit, we will have to make our own way there via taxi. To get to the station you can take the 1703, 1713 and 1723 buses to Eonyang. The best one to take is the 1713, it will pull in and stop at the bus terminal, the other 2 will stop outside of it on the street at a standard bus stop. So far this month we will be in the day care, playing soccer and doing arts n crafts. Here is the address in English and...

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