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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Are you being insulted?

This is in case you want to know about Korean bad words…if you teach Korean students, you especially need to know. Some bad students will say them to test you….or, for example, on the street some kids said bad words behind my husband but he knew so he turned around and asked, “What did you say? Did you say that to me? “ OF COURSE IN KOREAN..He said all of the kids ran away in different directions..ㅋㅋ

I’m posting about this to make you know, not so you can use them. I hope whenever you hear from some students or people, you will let them know you understand and aren’t happy.

1) shibal – kind of like the f-word but is closer to meaning “you like sex for money”. It sounds a lot like 18 – Ship-pal.

2) kaesakki – son of bitch. Literally, “dog baby” This is much worse in Korean than English.

3) joht or jon-na : dick. People use to emphasize..they say instead of very, much or many

4) byung-sin : fool or stupid,  but much stronger and worse

5) mi-chin-nyeon : crazy bitch / Usually this is for woman but if they say it to men it is much worse an insult to the men.

6) mi-chin-sae-kki : it is same as michinnyeon. But it is for men. But if they say it to women, it is much worse.

7) ji-ral : go nuts or insane

8) nom : bad word for man

9) nyeon: bad word for woman, kind of bitch

10) jo-kka ::something about male anatomy… a kind of bad word for sex

11) ship-sae-kki : Female anatomy part, literally vulva. Also rude to call ANYONE.

Again, this is for education purposes only. We are not suggesting that anyone use these terms. It’s so you know if someone is insulting you.