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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Horseback riding

Eonyang, west of Ulsan, where the highway runs through, has never been a stopping off point. There’s just not much to draw you there. Sure, you might pass through, buy some gas, but do something? in Eonyang? never.
Then we found out about horseback riding. Having some background in horses, I was quite concerned that this would be similar to my zoo experiences in Korea, where the animals are treated rather poorly. Little more could I be mistaken.

US Champion being ridden by Canadian Guy

JK Stables is a professionally run facility located near the amethyst mine in Eonyang. It is run by the family of Korea’s champion horse jumper. With retired racehorses trained to jump, a professional, fluent English speaking coach, and a beautiful facility in the mountains, who could ask for more?

Upon arrival I was shocked to discover how similar it was to the barns that I’ve ridden at in my youth. The fences, the smell of horse manure, the contented look on the kids faces. That’s right. Jane offers lessons for all ages.

The Practice Ring, for, well, practicing

I did a 45 minute ride to re-familiarize myself with horses. Sure, it’s just like riding a bike. But horses are a hell of a lot bigger than bicycles! My horse was named US Champion, and was a lovely purebred. He was relaxed, and comfortable for a slightly shaky rider, and there was always staff nearby to keep an eye on me. The only moment of fear I had was when Jane asked me if I wanted to do some jumping!

말고기 Actually, something that isn't on the menu

My friend took a 20-minute lesson, as she’d never been on a horse before. The instructor was very pleasant, and they even have a training ring for new riders.

It was one of the nicest afternoons I’ve had out, relaxing in the mountains with animals, rather than getting stressed out in a bar with a different sort of animal. The total cost was 60 000 won for the two of us, which I thought was totally reasonable. I couldn’t recommend more strongly for anybody who has an interest in horses, to go out and visit Jane.

JK stables offers a variety of programs, an hour lesson is between 50 and 70 thousand, depending on the package, and for experienced riders who don’t need the coaching, it’s much cheaper.

JK Stables – 052-264-0500

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