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How To Get Your Health Check


If you are renewing your job, just getting one or perhaps needing a health check for whatever reason, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding where and how to get a health check. Many hospitals will do this check but it will be much more expensive.

The first thing you need to determine is what type of health check that you need. if you are getting your visa you will need a more in depth and expensive medical check. This will include a drug test as well.

If you are simply renewing a contract or signing with a new school you may need just a regular health check which can be done at the local “Bogeongso” or health Centre. This will be less expensive than going to the hospital for the same check.

If you have National Health Insurance, you will be required to get a health check every 2 years or so. This will be covered by your insurance and can be done at any hospital for free.  Again, just double check to make sure which one you need.

**Be sure to check which health check you need. For Hogwan or Language Instructors, a basic (cheaper) check is all that is needed. **

Health Check Via Bo-Geon So (보건소)/Health Centre (Not a Hospital)

Step 1: Grab a ticket and check for a small form. This will just be your basic information like Name, telephone number and address. If you can’t find it, they will have them at the desk as well.

Step 2: When your number is called, ask for a “채용 신체 검사” (chae-yong shin-chae gohm-sa) and they will need your ARC card and 22,120 won. They will give you a blue and white form to take with you to each of the 3 stations for your checks.

Station #1 – Blood pressure, height /weight, hearing, and sight

Step 4: They will tell you where to go and/or someone may lead you there. For the Namgu Health Centre, this room will be directly behind you. Once inside they there will be a lady that will guide you through each of the checks, just give her your blue and white paper and she will take care if everything. This goes by pretty quick and the lady wastes no time in getting you through.


Check#1 – Blood pressure – No Korean is needed, just stick your arm in the machine and wait for it to finish.

Check#2 – Height and weight – No Korean is needed, just take your shoes off and stand on the scale. Then wait for the device to bonk you on the head.

Check #3 – Sight – Basic knowledge of Korean numbers from is needed. Also know left and right in Korean is handy. You will stand behind the green line and cover one eye. Then they will flash a group of single-digit numbers. They will check both eyes. Then they will check for colour blindness by getting you to look at a picture containing a number. Just say the number and you are finished.

Check #4 –  Hearing – No Korean is needed. Just put on the headphones and point to which ear you hear the beeping in.

Station #2 – X-Ray

Step 5: At the Namgu Health Centre, this station is just down the hall from the first one. However, it will be different at each place. At any rate, show them your blue paper and they will show you where to go. You will have to take off your top and put on a robe. Then just follow the instructions. This will be over in no time. Then just put your clothes back on and move on.

Station #3 – Blood and Urine

Step 6: Find the next station, at the Namgu Health Centre this will be located on the 2nd floor. Just head up the stairs and turn right. Again, just hand someone your form and they will tell you what to do.

Check #1 – Urine – No Korean is needed. They will hand you a stick and you will go to the washroom outside the station and pee on the stick. Wash your hands and take the pee-covered stick back to them. Show it to the lady and throw it in the bin.

Check # 2 – Blood – Minimal Korean is needed – They may ask you a few questions but typically they will just put the band on your arm and take what they need. Once you are done here, your health check is done.

Wait 2-4 days

Step 7: They will tell you when to return and bring a 1,000 won for the fee. You may have to pick it  up at a separate desk but this varies from place to place. Once you pay the 1000 won you will get your health check and then you are done! Check around for some envelopes as they should have them there for free.



At The Hospital

You can get a similar procedure done at your local hospital but it will cost you a lot more. *Click on the Korean words for the map location*

The Good Samjeong Hospital (좋은삼정병원) tel: 052-220-7500, just North of the SinBok Rotary (Towards the Samho Bridge) in Mugeo-dong will cost you about 54,000 won.

The Jungahn Hospital (중앙병원) tel: 052-226-1100, Just to the side of Gonguptap Rotary and near the the Parkpolis Towers. It will cost you around 80,000 won.

Mothers Hospital (마더스 병원) tel: 052-270-7000, Located in Samsandong and just down from the Bus Terminals. They have a special area for the health checks and speak English well. Cost 50,000 won.