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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Korean Myths – Enhancing Your Mojo – Korea Style

An interview with a hospital administrator and health professional.
Originally written for the Ulsan Pear by Keith Zufelt

Mr. Park was approached in an attempt to get to the bottom of the whole man power” myth. The following are excerpts from a conversation I had with Mr. Park, written in the best Konglish that I could scribble down.
Q: Mr. Park, we are often told that these products are good for our “Man Power”  What exactly do they mean by man power?

(Laughing) Yes, yes, I understand. It mean most often your endurance and performance in a sex. (Points to his groin).

Q: I’ve heard that deer antler helps a man’s power. Is this true? Have there been scientific studies performed to test the effectiveness of deer antler on people’s “manpower”? How does it help?

Yeah yeah…. It is the prove. Not just for the man but for the woman, the child the old people.

Q: Are there specific types of deer or only Korean deer?

Korean deer is very nice I think but is very rare. But Korean people is import deer antler from Australia and from Canada.

Q: Would fresh deer antler be better than the powdered stuff they sell in pharmacies? For example: If you caught a deer and ate his antler would that be good?

Yes the farmer is have the deer. Ulsan has the very famous farm in the deer. Some mens go to the farmer and they kill the deer and with straw suck the blood and drink and eat the antler. But is prohibit in Korea for this but some man do this.

Q: Would female deer antler be good for woman power? (Referring to caribou)

No, only the man deer antler is good. The woman can use the man deer antler for the healthy condition but is not for increase the manpower.

Q: What would happen if a man took female deer antler?

No the woman deer antler is has no effect. Is not use for the medicine.

Q:  A Korean friend of mine insists that beau-shin-tang will help my ‘manpower’. Is this dish popular in Korea? I’ve heard only men eat this, is this because it is good for manpower? If a woman was to eat dog would she become more manly?

I don’t like taste of the dog meat but is good. Many man eat this food. Is eat first hot day, middle hot day and last hot day. Woman eat too but not many the woman. Is good for the body health. Is woman so cannot have the effect of man. My internal medicine doctor is prescribe sometimes the dog meat for quickly recovery from the major surgery. In ancient times many man and dog very good friend and so dog meat and man’s muscle is contain any same thing. Dog meat is human muscle good matchy so for speed recovery.

Q: Will any dog do? If your dog died could you eat it? Could you steal your neighbor’s dog?

The man grow the dog and dog is just for the eat. Is not the pet dog. In old times before if you see dog and you kill and eat the dog but maybe is neighbor’s dog.

Q: Does cat improve your ‘manpower‘? If dog is good for manpower could cat be good for ‘womanpower‘?

This the funny thought. The cat is not delicious I think. Woman is not matchy with cat. ‘Womanpower’ is funny thought, but man eat cat is very disgusting thought I think.

Q: Every time my friends go to the doctor they receive an injection in their asses. What is in this injection?

Ahhh yes. You recommend to your friend is find new Doctor. Doctor in Korea is give many injection is do for financial reason. In my hospital injection is give for medical reason. Pill is slow absorbing in stomach and injection is get into blood quickly. Injection is antibiotic for maybe infection or the bacteria.

Q: Why does the nurse always slap your ass?

This is not normal situation for you? In Korea all the nurse is give the injection is hit your hip.

Q: I can only think of two reasons in the western world for slapping someone’s ass. The first is a mother with a naughty child using the slap for discipline. The second is in a sexual way.

Yeah, yeah ok…You think when you get injection that maybe nurse likes you? (Smiling, making the male half of the doggy position movements and slapping a pretend ass). “Do you want some of this?” he asks his pretend mate.

Thank you very much Mr. Park for enlightening the foreign community on some of the mysteries of Korea.

reprinted from the Ulsan Pear – September 2004