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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Online Korean Classes

Studying Korean in Ulsan is difficult. I used to live in Seoul (where everything is perfect!) where you can take Korean classes at a time, place and price of your choosing. Sadly (and happily) Ulsan isn’t Seoul. Though our dirty old town is great in many ways, when it comes to learning the language, it sucks.

The options in Ulsan are limited. If you are with the EPIC program, you can study for free. If you have mornings free, you can study at the university (if you live close enough), and if you are willing to sacrifice half your Saturday, you can (I believe) study in Bangeojin at the Hyundai Cultural center. But, some of us aren’t willing to sacrifice our weekends for a one hour class. Finding a private tutor is difficult, most times tutoring ends up just being chatting and learning the very basics.

For those of you who are looking to get passed the ‘anyonghasayo’ and ‘kamsamneeda’ points of Korea, and find textbooks boring, I’d recommend one of two ways. The first involves either spending a fortune or illegally downloading a copy of The Rosetta Stone language program. It’s a brilliant way to advance your understanding of the language.

The second, free, way, is to go to . It was from this site years ago that I first decoded hangeul, and since then it’s always been the backbone of my studying.  It’s an excellent course, and it’s FREE. No downloads, no fear of sketchy viruses, no cyber-guilt, AND it’s online, so you can do it from ANY computer. All you have to do is remember your level.

열심히 공부합시다