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Bar Bee/Bee Bar

Bar Bee/ Bee Bar is a Korean soju bar. This place is great for pre-drinking and hanging out. The music is mostly K Pop. Inside, Bee has booths of varying sizes.

The staff are really friendly and attentive. The menu is all in Korean but as long as you know how to say soju and cider you’ll be ok. You will be expected to order food along with your drinks as is the ‘norm’ in a typical Korean soju bar.  I usually order fried potato (a selection of smiley faces, potato waffles, chips and wedges.) Along with the fried potato you will get an array of complimentary side dishes.

This place does great soju cocktails, so don’t be afraid to ask for “dalgee soju cocktaile” (Strawberry cocktail.) It comes in two sizes; small and medium.


Bar Bee has moved to the 4th floor. Still in the same building but it’s now on the 4th floor, not the 6th.

Costs (about):

13,000won for a large cocktail.

4,000won for a bottle of soju.

2,000won bottle of cider.

8,000won fried potatoes.



outside bee bar


If you have your back to W Garden, look to the right and look up and you will see Bee.

It is on the 6th floor (I think) of the building diagonally opposite W garden.


Please see the virtual tourist map.

Google coordinates: 35.540488, 129.338310

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