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Cheoyong World Music Festival 2015

On Thursday the 2015 Cheoyong World Music festival kicked off in Ulsan. This has always been a great event and we hope that you all head out this long weekend to support it. The World Music Festival is a part of the annual Ulsan Cheongyong Festival which is traditional festival performed to bring peace to the area. With this mix of tradition and music, it will surely make an excellent weekend!

Cheoyong Festival Events



Schedules and timetables taken from the Cheoyong Festival website

Last night was the opening ceremony of the festival but don’t worry! There are events taking place this whole weekend until the closing ceremony on Sunday. The events held are part of a long tradition in the city and each district or “Gu” is represented. These culturally significant events will help you understand a bit of the traditions of Ulsan and entertain the family. Events start each day at 2 pm at various locations around the city.

The main location for the festival will be that Daldong Munhwa park behind the Ulsan Culture and Arts Centre/KBS Hall. If you are unsure of the area, it is just on the edge of Samsandong, next to the nam-gu district office. Traffic maybe congested a bit around that area this weekend due to the event. It is the building located in the lower left-hand side of the first image

There will also be a parade starting at 11 am at the Dongchun Stadium heading to Shigaetop in Old Downtown then heading up to the Daldong Munhwa park. Following the parade, will be several performances concluding with the closing ceremony. The parade will go along the main roads which will give spectators some great views of the traditional costumes and performers.  The route so far is Dongchun Stadium → Shigaetop (clocktower) in Seongnam-dong → New Core Outlet (seongnam-dong) → Beonyeong Bridge (in front of exordium apartments) → KBS Hall (in front of Star Class Apartments) → Ulsan Culture and Arts Centre.

World Music Performances



The World Music Festival is a highlight in Ulsan. Offering sounds from a dozen different countries from around the world. These performances should not be missed! Dj’s from Germany to bands from Mongolia, the performances and musical talents are second to none.

The performances will be taking place at 3 different locations are the Ulsan Culture and Arts Center and the Daldong Munhwa Park. These stages will include the King Theatre, the Little Theatre and the Open Stage at the Ulsan Culture and Arts Centre.

For More Information on the Festival Check Out Their Site in English

CASS: Cheoyong Angle Southern Show

On Sunday at the Little theatre there will be an eclectic mix of some awesome bands. Philip Brett and the Angle Magazine team have put together an amazing event. be sure to check out and support this event. From the post-rock sounds of November on Earth to the hip-hop styles of Illap, there is something for everyone to groove out to on Sunday. Starting at 12 pm shows will continue in the Little Theatre auditorium until 8 pm.


Find out more information on the CASS show at Angle Magazine

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