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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Royal Anchor – revisited

What a difference a night makes.  My wife and I had gone to the Royal Anchor last year. We just happened to have gone in on the night they had (unbeknownst to us) their Thanksgiving Dinner. We weren’t terribly impressed and I wrote it that way.  Of course I wrote that the event may have colored our impression of the place, but that didn’t stop people from hating on me for bashing the joint.

We went again this past Saturday as the Ulsan Wine Club was having it’s monthly party there. I feel compelled to write my impressions of the Royal Anchor again this week.  This time, the Anchor did not have the musical chairs going on from the dinner – that had upset my wife, who like most Koreans, don’t like to be shuffled once seated.  We had a nice comfortable spot, the drinks were awesome, the food was delicious and the staff most congenial, quick and efficient. We both had a great time (except for the drunk girl who wouldn’t shut her mouth and insisted on eating my food even after I told her she couldn’t.)

I wrote last year that my impressions were likely skewed. I hope this short posting will help dispel all of that.

Should any newcomers to Ulsan be on the lookout for a great bar, the Royal Anchor is a must.

The Ulsan Wine Club was also another success – a great mix of people, food, drink and music. If you haven’t attended a Wine Club party in Ulsan, you’re not living.