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Bombay Brau

Bombay Brau exterior

Recently there was a lot of discussion on our Facebook page about Bombay Bau, an upscale Indian bistro and brewpub in Samsandong. Located across the street from the Up Square Mall and right above the Starbucks, Bombay Brau certainly has a great location. I decided to check out the place to see what all the talk was about and to find out for myself if the rumours were true.

The main reason to come here would be if you are looking for a great mix of Indian food and finely crafted beer. I feel that this combination is main focus for an establishment such as this. It is also a quiet place to rest and refresh from hustle of shopping at Up Square.


The interior design is great! The dark interior and the designs on the walls really make this restaurant a feast for the eyes. The walls are lined with carved wood that make everything feel a little more intimate and less in-your-face like other restaurants in the area. The distinct style shows the attention to detail could only come from the same owner as Namasate in Haeundae.


On this evening, I ordered the chicken tikka masala which is a favourite of mine. The dish was served immediately and I was pleased with the spice and the flavour. It wasn’t too spicy which allowed me actually enjoy the dish rather than trying to put out the flames in my mouth. However, I wanted a bit more so I ordered the garlic naan as well. The naan came out and was fresh and hot. It was the perfect compliment to the dish.



The biggest issue that was mentioned on the facebook page was the price. Most of the curries started at about 15,900 won and the garlic naan was 3,000 won for 3 pieces. I found the prices to be higher than other places but given the location and other elements including the quality of the ingredients, it was not too outlandish. However, the best tip that I can give is to go there around lunch time as you do get a really good deal.



There are 2 lunch courses offered Monday to Friday until 4 pm. The “A Course” for 10,900 won offers a choice of 1 curry as well as naan and rice. The larger “B Course” add some tandoori chicken to the same set for 12,900 won. It my opinion that is the best time to go if you are looking for a lot of food without breaking the bank.


Let’s not forget that this is also a brew house that serves some great craft beer as well. Their brewery is located on Geoje island and uses only fresh ingredients. Due to the capacity there may be times where they will have to substitute their own beer with beer from Ka-Brew. However, I think most days they should be able to meet your craft beer cravings.

Their menu is available online and they always have ample seating although it does get busy on the weekends. Again, I would say that the best time to go is during the week. The lunch special is only offered Monday to Friday and until 4 pm. So if you are in the area and are looking to sneak out for a good lunch, this might be your place.


Like most places in the area, parking is a bit of an issue. Bombay Brau will give you an hour parking at Up Square which is another benefit. Normally I have to circle samsandong like a vulture to find parking. With paid parking, I know that I can at least park and not have to walk 5 km to eat.

With that in mind we encourage your thoughts on Bombay Brau. What would you recommend? Have you tried their Chili Crab? Let us know in the comments below.