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Falling into Coffee: 커피에빠지다

Life in Ulsan never seems to slow down, especially when it comes to coffee. As I stumble through out my day I often crave a good cup of coffee and by that I am talking about a fresh roasted single origin beans and not the diarrhea-in-a-cup that is served on mass in tiny cups at my school. Nor am I talking about the burnt ash mixed cigarette-butts that Starbucks tries to pass off as “gourmet coffee” and I am definitely not talking about the bags of Maxwell House Blue Mountain that have been on the shelf at Home Plus as long as I have lived here. Nope, I am talking about coffee that was roasted to perfection by people who know what they are doing.

For awhile now, we have talked about Bean Stock Coffee and how the owner is a veritable Guru when it comes to creating amazing coffee in Ulsan. However, I am lazy and I don’t always get over to visit him even though I usually leave Bean Stock extremely wired and loaded down with coffee. Yup, I am that lazy that I will not even drive 10 minutes after work to grab something that is tied to my very existence on Earth.

Being that Ulsan builders and store owners can now read my mind and produce the results in a matter of minutes, there is a new shop that opened up near my place (but probably not yours) and I am happy as hell.

The English translation of the sign basically means to “Falling into Coffee” and when I saw the place, I pretty much fell through the door. It was an amazing find located right behind Nam-wei Middle School. If you are unfamiliar with this area, it is the area just behind Dongchong Stadium and in front of Insan hospital and 101 dong of Eileen’s Garden Apartments.

What makes this little cafe such a find is the fact that they roast beans on a regular basis and will also do them on order, if you call in advance.  This is great for coffee lovers like me who crave certain blends and by calling ahead you are sure to always get what you want. Just keep in mind that they don’t speak much English and minimum orders are 200 grams.

The rest of the cafe is quiet and nice. They serve up your basic coffee and espresso varieties, along with kind service.  Their hand drip is extremely nice and for those who like the sugary coffee, I hear their caramel macchiato’s are pretty tasty as well.

The easiest way way to find them is go to Dongchong Stadium then go behind and head towards Insan Hospital. They are located at the back corner of Namwei Middle School and the 101 Dong of Eileen’s Garden Apartments.

Tel: 052-292-6904

Ulsan Jung-gu, Namwei Dong, 513-5, 1st floor.

map to coffee shop