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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Foreigner Town

Some say the best restaurant is your very own kitchen.

Foreigner Town is no restaurant, but has an amazing amount of essentials for those that have a few culinary skills and a wish to eat at home. No bigger than a bedroom, Foreigner Town makes up in variety what it lacks in space.  On the mere dozen or so shelves in this small store one can find such rarities as taco shells, fajita seasoning, oatmeal, chick peas, ripe olives, and literally dozens of others ingredients not available anywhere else in Ulsan.  Don’t look for ready-to-eat meals but rather the fixins to make Thai, Vietnamese, Phillipine, Mexican or Indian cuisines.  My favorites are the spice packets, which when combined with a few fresh vegetables and some dead animal make an exceptional meal of Khao Phat, Chicken Tikki Marsala, Red curry or even Thom Yom soup.  Indeed, the spices, likely the most populous of the store’s miniature sections, hail from many parts of the world although Asian cuisines are the most predominant. The freezer also holds surprises as one can find leg of lamb and other cuts of meats unheard of in typical Korean grocery stores.

You won’t find items in bulk, nor will you find fresh fruits and vegetables. And, in truth, the prices are a little spendy. But if you’re in the mood for food that just can’t be found in any restaurant in Ulsan and are in the mood to do some cooking, this is the place to start.

Foreigner Town is easy to find. From Lotte Department store in Samsandong, walk past the local bus terminal and also the express bus terminal.  Keep walking one more block and you’ll see Foreigner Town across the street. Happy Cooking!