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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Is Coffee

Over the past little while I have had the please of talking to the guys that run the new cafe “Is Coffee” in Samsan-Dong. Located just down from the old Its Burger location, it is a quaint and stylish little cafe.

If you are looking for a quiet and wired cafe to catch up on some emails Is Coffee is your place. Unlike the surrounding cafes that I have written about in the Samsan area, this little cafe is not only comfortable but friendly as well.

One of the more attractive features of this cafe is the large windows on the front. With the face lift that the “new downtown” area has received in the last little while, this location is perfect for people watching.

The Is Coffee menu is simple and that is what I like about it. They are not trying to cover up bad coffee by giving you a stale waffle topped with 2 lbs. of whipped cream and red beans. Their baristas are certified knowledgeable.

As for the coffee, it is all roasted in Korea and fresh. I tried an espresso and a latte. Their beverages are single shots and pretty tasty. Their espresso was good with a syrupy texture and good crema.

What attracted me most about this cafe was the friendly staff and the stylish interior. The  cafe gets busy on Friday and Saturday evenings but most of the time is pretty quiet making it the perfect place to go and chill. It also lacks the pretentious attitude that some of the other cafes have. Is Coffee is a relaxing cafe with great music as well.


Starting at McDonald’s, walk towards Cow 9 Bar and you will come across a break in the buildings in that block. It will be on your left.

Look for the Muse’e Hair building, Is Coffee is next to the Beautiplex on the corner.

Tel: 052-267-0268