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Mono Cheese


When this first popped up in our facebook group I was curious. Grilled cheese is one of those foods that is simple but oh so satisfying. Given the location, I was not sure how it would survive being just down the road from the courthouse in ok-dong. Upon tasting their sandwiches I could understand why. They were cheap and had a distinct Korean influence.


Mono Cheese makes a great attempt at a Western favourite but just slightly misses the target in some ways. The first time that I went I had the jalapeño chilli grilled cheese and found that the addition of the sweet chilli sauce to be a bit too much. The bread was lightly toasted but still chewy which was not that great either.


The second time that I went, I tried the chicken panini and their bacon cheddar grilled cheese. Hoping that I made the right choice, I had lots of time to consider this as I waited about 30 minutes for my order to be ready. I looked around the restaurant and realized that pretty much everyone was waiting for their order as well.


This time, the panini was pretty good. The bacon cheddar grilled cheese was disappointing as they used processed cheese slices instead of real cheese. This choice was strange because the jalapeño chilli had used real cheese. However, with all that being said there is still hope for mono cheese. I have heard good things are their bagels which I may try the next time that I am in the area.


The biggest positive compliment that I can give mono cheese is that their food is cheap. The classic grilled cheese is only 2,000 won and the rest of the grilled cheese sandwiches range from 2,000 to 3,300 won for the triple cheese. For that price, you can’t complain too much about the sandwich.


The bagels look amazing and the spreads look good too. Take note that the bagels are referred to as a “cream cheese hole” and are about 3,500 won for a regular bagel with your choice of spread. From what I saw they range in flavour from sweet to savoury. There is also the “salmon cream cheese hole” which is about 5,900 won and has good reviews. Also check out their cheesecake shake too.

Overall, Mono Cheese is not that bad. The interior design is great and it looks comfortable and modern. Again, my only complaints would be that they need to stop using the sweet chilli sauce and use real cheese in all of their sandwiches.


Mono Cheese is located in Ok-dong just up from the Courthouse intersection. So if you are heading through ok-dong heading towards Mugeo-dong turn right to go to the courthouse and it will be on your left on the corner of the next block.

The are closed on Sundays.

mono map

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