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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

One’s Coffee – The Rotating Cafe

The other day I trekked through a dark bamboo forest, crossed a river on a bamboo raft to drink a 5,000 won coffee in a rotating coffee shop that sits on a pillar in the middle of a river. This sounds like something out of a fantasy novel and not a cafe in the heart of Ulsan.

Probably one of the more unique places to sip an expensive americano, One’s Coffee is the only “rotating cafe” in Ulsan. Located in the Taehwa River Observatory, this cafe gives a great view of Ulsan that is perfect for a summer evening coffee.


The cafe rotates at a slow but brisk pace that may leave you feeling a bit nauseated at first. It is something that you have to get used in order to enjoy you coffee and the view at the same time.

The issue that I have here is the fact that the coffee is quite expensive. The average choice is around 5,000 won or 6,000 won and the quality is not the greatest. Fact is that, you would enjoy a 2,000 won coffee over this place.

The environment of the cafe has everything that an elegant cafe should have to make a romantic evening for a couple completely magical. Sadly, when I was there, it was full of families using it as a picnic area. It was loud and because the cafe is rather small along with the fact that the restrooms are in the parking lot, it made for an uncomfortable time.

While the rotating cafe is a great idea another issue arises with the location. The ferry is small and a lot of people take it to get across, rather than walking all around to the main walking bridge. Thus, on nice days, there will be a line to get on the small ferry.

Taehwa River Observatory

Other than that this cafe gives a great view of the city and perhaps at night would be a better time to go. I would imagine that the city views during the evening are quite beautiful. If you can get a seat.

To Get There:

Walking:  Route #1: (Depending on ferry schedule) Head through the bamboo forest and go to the walking path along the river. With your back to the walking bridge and the bamboo forest on your right, you should be able to spot the Observatory easily. The little ferry will take you across for free.

Route#2: Cross the river using the walking bridge at Taehwa River Grand Park and head through the tunnels until you reach the Observatory.

Bus: Take Buses 337 and 407 to “태화강전망대” (Taehwa Gahng Jeon Mang Dae) It is between the Lg gas station and the SK LPG station along the Namsan road heading along the river to Mugeo Dong.

Car: Take the Namsan Road from either Sinbok Rotary or Taehwa Rotary and follow the river. It is between the Lg gas station and the SK LPG station.  Parking is next to the GS gas station.