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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Spero Spera Crepes

Joining the ever-swelling ranks of brunch-type restaurants in Ulsan is Spero Spera. Serving both sweet and savoury crepes, Spero Sparo is a good place to go to grab a light lunch or an after-dinner treat.


The entrance is right next to the Frypan, leaving room only for a tiny kitchen for the crepe makers. Upstairs, however, is a large seating area, with windows overlooking the street, and both air-conditioning and open-air seating.


The menu includes a small selection of savoury crepes, such as herbed chicken, and bacon and egg, as well as a wide variety of sweet crepes, some of which have pieces of cake inside. There are also some noodle and crepe dishes served in an iron pan, if you’re looking for something a bit more filling. One of my friends tried the Mongolian chicken dish, and said it was quite spicy, but very tasty. I’ve had the herbed chicken a couple of times now, and it’s somewhat similar to a kebab, though the crepe is much softer and thinner than pita bread.


The sweet crepes come in a wide range, from a simple banana, chocolate syrup and whipped cream, to cake and ice cream; tiramisu, cheese cake or strawberry cake with a number of ice cream flavour options. The only disappointment I’ve had was that the strawberries were frozen, not fresh, and they were still crunchy. That might work if you’re getting cake and ice cream with them, but just on their own, it’s a little bland.

There’s also some combo 3-tier platters meant for sharing – one sweet, one savoury, that come with several crepes, and several fillings to mix and match your own. And, of course, they serve coffee and drinks such as smoothies and lemonade.

Prices run from 3,000-5,100 won for the rolled crepes, to 7,500 won for the hot iron pans. The combos are 12,000-14,000 won.