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**CLOSED** The Burger Company

With Burger and Friez being closed for some time now, I have been at a loss for a decent burger. Left to wander the streets of Ulsan looking for something that did not have sweet chilli sauce, a pineapple or cost 20,000 won I found The Burger Company. It seems to fit the bill for what is seemingly the last proper burger place in Samsandong.

I am not fancy when I want a burger but if I am paying a premium price for burger, I want it to be good. This goes against the typical Korean idea where more money means more “stuff” despite what it actually tastes like. Case in point below from a place that is now an arcade:

A good burger should have a solid balance of bun, toppings and patty. They all should compliment each over. The toppings and sauces should not overpower the patty or the bun. This just makes for a sloppy lunch or a fist full of salad.

I have eaten at The Burger Company a few times and have always gone for their bacon cheeseburger. To me, it is good yardstick to judge the quality of the burger as you can quickly tell if they are trying to skimp on the bacon or just slap on cold cheese slice after the fact. To me that is where a lot of places fall short as things like bacon are a bit more expensive in Korea and it is an easy up sell. When you skimp on the bacon, rest assured you won’t see many complaints but you may not see many repeat customers as well.


The Burger Company’s burger is well made and oozing with flavour. Their tangy house sauce completes the package without overpowering the rest of the burger. The sweetness comes from the sauteed onions without any added “sweet chilli” sauce to complicate things. ample slices of bacon add to the richness of the burger. It tastes as close to American as you can get in Ulsan at the moment.

The downside is that the burger set is a little pricey for what you get. Recently, they have started giving more fries but when I went before the fries were barely enough to consider it to be a “set” as there were like 4 fries. The beverage is another issue. While the aesthetics of the cute little coke adds to the “americana” feel of the restaurant, it simple isn’t enough to fully wash down your meal.

Other than that, this is a great place for a tasty burger in a wonderful restaurant. The interior is similar to that of an old style diner and it offers a nice break from some of the more minimalist cafes in the area. The comic book theme is also a nice touch and might be great for kids if you have them.

For more information please check their instagram

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