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The Burger Pantry


Thanks to Rachael Helen Iggulden for sharing this foodie-find with us on our facebook page. Many of us waited patiently for the Burger Pantry’s opening. I certainly was curious to know if this offshoot of the amazing Flapjack Pantry would be just as awesome. Rachael kindly let us know that the Burger Pantry was now open and ready to feed crowds of hungry people.


Like brunches in Ulsan, I have burned too many times before with burger shops that offer things that look like burgers but are nothing than a ghastly conglomeration of salad, random fruit, a tiny meat patty and enough chili sauce to drown a donkey. However, I was extremely pleased with what arrived at the table when I went to the Burger Pantry; burgers that actually looked and tasted amazing!

Located just down from the Ok-Dong entrance of Ulsan Grand Park, this delicious addition to the local food scene may be a bit hard to locate at first. However, it is not too far off the beaten path that you won’t find your way back again. It is also close enough to Ulsan Grand Park that you can (and should) walk off your meal afterwards. The burgers are certainly filling, to say the least. The atmosphere is also quite comfortable with a open-concept design that is as tastefully designed as the Flapjack Pantry.


For this review we decided to try the Double Bacon Burger and the Crispy Onion Burger. Both dishes were around 9,900 won each with a beverage costing 1000 won more. The dishes came out in a timely manner and looked amazing. I am not a big fan of fried eggs on my burgers but that was easily removed.


The burgers were delicious! The thick juicy patties were extremely tasty and juicy. The thick-cut bacon on the Double Bacon Burger was great but I was a bit worried that one might have a problem biting through it. However, it was cooked well and posed no problems (for me anyway). The burger was balanced with a nice hit of barbeque sauce and some veg.

Crispy Onion Burger

The crispy onion burger was a surprise as we were thinking that it would have sauteed onions on top. However, it was stacked high with delicious onion rings. You can choose to leave them on but we decided to snack on a few before digging into the burger. Again, the juicy handmade patty was the real winner here.

Both burgers came with wedges and a decent portion of ketchup. Even on a empty stomach, the burger was more than filling. The satisfying part was the fact that for just a few thousand won more than a whopper with cheese, you are getting a huge handmade burger without breaking the bank. With a portion of their profits being donated to UNICEF I would even pay a bit more. It is refreshing to see a restaurant make such a commitment.

The Burger Pantry is open Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays.

Telephone: 052-258-0168

Address: 127-1, Ok-dong, Namgu, Ulsan

Directions: Walk past the cafe bene (with the traffic circle at your back) and walk about 2 to 3 minutes. Stop when you get to the Hansin Hue Plus Apartments (the big new ones). The burger pantry will be on the corner on the left across from the bank.


burger pantry map




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