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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Vietnamese Food in Shinae

With the recent popularity of Vietnamese food in Korea, it’s easy to find pho in just about any neighborhood in the city. However, if you’re looking for something other than that, that you don’t want to whip up yourself with ingredients from Foreigner Town, it’s a good idea to visit one of the two Vietnamese restaurants in Shinae. They are both located on the less crowded side of the covered pedestrian walkway, across from Newcore Outlet, near the Jung Ang Shijang building, (the location of the new The Party Buffet.)

Both restaurants are on the same street, so you’ll be able to take your pick. They are small establishments and both are located on the second floor. One is called Ho Diep Quan and the other is Ngoc Tim Quan Asia Vietnam Mart.

Asia Vietnam MartAsia Vietnam Mart

Asia Vietnam Mart has more tables and a larger kitchen than Ho Diep Quan. Asia Vietnam Mart sells cell phones, calling cards and jewelry at the counter and you can also pick up a range of Vietnamese grocery items stocked there if you do feel like cooking later. The restaurant isn’t going to win any awards for décor. The interior is not as chic and polished as many of the chain pho restaurants around town but since they cater to the Vietnamese expat crowd, you can expect authentic Vietnamese food. The restaurant is run by Vietnamese women who speak Korean. The menu is only in Vietnamese however, so you can either bring your Vietnamese phrasebook or learn the names of the dishes in Korean. While the menu appeared to be extensive, my Vietnamese guidebook only listed the few typically popular dishes. The owner was very helpful, explaining what was in each dish so I’m sure if you know a little Korean, you’ll be able to order something delicious.

Of course they have pho – 국수. It’s made with pork and it’s 5,000 won for a regular bowl, 8,000 for a large, which you’ll have to order as go-bbae-gi 곱빼기. Cha gio, (pork spring rolls,) are 2,000 won per serving. Bun bo is a beef and rice noodle soup at 5,000 won. Hu Tien is a soup of vermicelli, pork and seafood noodles, which is 5,000 won as well. They also have lau, Vietnamese shabu shabu priced at 30,000 won for a 3-4 person serving. Vietnamese beers, 333, Saigon and Hanoi are all 3,000 won each but you can also order regular Hite or even soju if you’re so inclined. Vietnamese coffee, café sua, with condensed milk is 3,000 won as is café la, iced coffee.

Asia Vietnam Mart is open from 10-9 on weekdays and 10-11 on weekends.

Ho Diep Quan, located above a Japanese Ramen Restaurant is the smaller of the two restaurants. I’ve only ever eaten pho once at Ho Diep Quan restaurant. It tasted the same as at Asia Vietnam Mart and was similarly priced. The menu at Ho Diep Quan is also all in Vietnamese.

To find either one of the restaurants, cross the street at Newcore Outlet and follow the covered pedestrian street. Take your first left. Asia Vietnam Mart, the larger restaurant with the grocery items is the first one you’ll come across on your right. It has a sign at the street level entrance to the stairwell. Ho Diep Quan is further along, also on your right, but the stairwell is unmarked.