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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Best of Ulsan – Places to Go

We asked our readers to weigh in on their favourite places to go in and around the Ulsan area. Here’s what they have to say about Best Beach, Best Travel Spot in Ulsan, Best Travel Spot in Gyeongsamnamdo, and Best Road Trip.

Best Beach – The clear winner of this category is Jinha Beach, with 62% of the vote. With it’s long, sandy beach, it’s a favourite haunt in the summer, as it’s easily accessible by car, bike, scooter or bus. Ilsan Beach was the 2nd choice, with 37% of the readers preferring to stay in town, presumably for the coffee shops.

Best Travel Spot In Ulsan – There was a bit of confusion over the boundaries on the two categories “in Ulsan” and “Ulsan outskirts”, so there was a lot of overlap in voting. We’ve decided to combine the categories, to avoid a lot of repetition. While there was no obvious favourite here, with a large variety of places mentioned by voters, Daewangam Park, next to Ilsan Beach received the most votes, with 26%. For those of you unfamiliar with the spot, from the beach, walk up the stairs to the Pine Forest along the cliff top. Paths and trails will lead you out past the lighthouse to the famous rock, where legend has it, Queen Munmu was buried and turned into a Sea Dragon to protect Korea from her enemies.

Within Ulsan, other places mentioned include the Bamboo Forest along Taehwa River, Hakseong Park, the Lotte Wheel, Taehwa River Park, Ulsan Grand Park, Munsu Mountain, and the Whale Museum.

On the Outskirts, the most popular spot to visit is Mount Gaji, with Seoknam Temple and Paraeso Waterfall, followed by Bangudae Petroglyphs Museum, and the Japanese Fortress in Jinha.

Best Travel Spot in Gyeongsangnamdo – When asked about the best travel spots in the Gyeongsang South Province, some voters chose spots from within the Ulsan boundaries. Others chose places around Korea. Goejedo, an island just south of Masan/Changwon received 20% of the vote. Gyeongju, and Bulguksa, along with Haeinsa were also popular choices for traveling away from Ulsan. Within the Ulsan region, readers suggest visiting Paraeso Waterfall, the Cheoneon Petroglyphs and Dinosaur Footprints, and the Yeongnam Alps.

Best Road Trip – Those of you with cars, motorcycles or scooters should head up the Jujeon/Gangdong/Jeongja Coast, on the North side of Ulsan. This twisty road that hugs the shore, and passes through tiny fishing villages along black pebble beaches, is a favourite drive for 28% of our voters. Other road-trip suggestions include Ganjeolgot, just south of Jinha Beach, Busan, Goejedo, Gyeongju and Juwangsan National Park, in the Taebak mountain range in Gyeongsangbuk-do (the province to the north of us).

So there you have it. The readers of have spoken. Now go out there and explore this area!