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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Jujeon Beach


Jujeon Beach is one of those places that I feel (maybe incorrectly) is a hidden attraction. While Ilsan beach is packed full of bars and restaurants catering to foreign tastes, Jujeon is a little more traditional. Lacking a sandy beach like Ilsan, it may not be the best place for sunbathing but that certainly doesn’t stop the families from bringing their tents out.


Over the years Jujeon has seen quite a bit of development. New roads have been built to make it more accessible and new cafes have started to pop up along the beach front. The pier area was renovated a few years ago and sports a unique red pagoda-shaped beacon. The local signage has also been improved to be more tourist friendly.



With the warm weather the campers have flocked to the beach. There is a dedicated camping area just past the rotary and off to your right as you head towards the beach. However, many people are pitching their tents right on the rocky beach to take full advantage of the area. The drawback to this is that the parking lots seem to be always full and traffic does get congested on the weekends.


Yongbowi, just infront of the fishing park


If you travel further down the road towards Jeongja Beach, stop off at the village around the newish bridge. While the bridge is actually a “fishing park” and does cost 1,000 won entrance, it is the area around it that is more interesting to me. The village houses have been given a bit of a makeover much like the mural village in Busan. However, here is seems like you are stepping back in time a bit. For the full experience check out the dinosaur land on the hill above the village and you can tour the old school.


While the services and cafes seem to be breathing new life into the area, it does come with a cost. Garbage seems to be piling up around the beach areas. It is a nasty side effect of so many people coming out to enjoy the fresh air. With all the improvements that they are making to the beach side, I do wish that they would include some more garbage bins.



So if you are looking for a day out on the beach to pitch your tent and cook up some dinner then head to Jujeon. If you are looking for a more quiet time head away from the main beach area towards Geumchon village.


Dangsa Pier

If you are hungry, Ulsan Online readers have recommended Solnaum for pumpkin duck. We reviewed a long time ago (link) and since then they have moved two doors down. The duck needs to be ordered in advance and here is the info that you will need in case it has changed from the time that the article was written.

Phone number: 052-294-8355 Price: Small duck – 50k won Big duck – 60 k won Their new address: 울산광역시 동구 주전동 317-4


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