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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Traveling in Korea With Your Four Legged Friends

Traveling with a pooch that doesn’t fit into your purse is not always easy in Korea. We have a 75 pound Labrador and just finding a first floor apartment that would accept him was a big enough challenge.  Finding hotels is yet again…a challenge.  Of the places we’ve stayed, some are nicer than others but all were friendly and had nice owners or owners who completely ignored that fact that we had a dog with us. Clearly…Clark is a lover, not a fighter.

Our first trip was to Andong.  My apologies for not remembering where we stayed.  I can tell you that it was a Love Motel just steps away from a nice pedestrian area.  Many of the Love Motels require you to put your room key in a slot when you walk into your room in order to turn on the electricity.  Any plastic (and sometimes business cards) will work.  When we leave the room and aren’t taking Clark with us, we like to leave the air con and TV on for his comfort and to cover up any noise in the hallways.

In Namhae…Janggu Stick Pension A nice room with a kitchen and an okay supply of cooking utensils. I tend to take our food with us when I know there’s a nice place to bbq and have found it’s easier to plan on taking the things I might need rather than count on finding them at the hotel…so when in doubt…pack it.  This place had a great deck with bbq table overlooking the water.  I used Agoda for reservations.

In Geoji…

Fair warning…this place is old and pretty worn out but the owners have a lovely Golden Retriever and the older gentleman there was so kind to Clark and would speak very gently to him in Korean.  The location is good, there are balconies on every room overlooking the water and there’s a place to grill at the edge of the parking lot overlooking the water.  If you’re up late enough you can watch the squid boats going out at night 🙂

Goodstay Janseungpo Beach Hotel…found on Agoda.

In Sokcho…

Grace Heim Pension is about 10 minutes from the city and surrounded by rice paddies but has nice mountain views.  Our room was on the 2nd floor and had a nice deck with access to the back of the property.  There are a couple of swimming pools but we were there in winter.  This place requires setting your charcoal for you.  I think the charge was 10,000Won.  There are two quite spectacularly decorated floors in this building!  We were there in January and only the lower level was heated but there were plenty of blankets upstairs on the bed.  Again…found on Agoda.

In Boseong…

These Smurf Palaces are possibly our favorite stay!  They are said to be made of some sort of magic healing mud.  We failed to feel those healing powers but would stay here again anyway.  Our place was kind of at the road (a quiet one) but next to the lotus pond.  The owners are nice even tho’ their English is pretty limited.  They will set up a BBQ for you for 7,000Won over in the ‘village’ which was literally a one minute walk from our place. There is a two burner cook top and a mini fridge.  Cooking supplies are really limited.  Take what you need. A Korean friend made these reservations.

This week we drove to Jindo Island.  There’s not much special about this place other than they allow dogs.  It’s clean & bug free inside (take the OFF for outside).  There was a picnic table and grill just outside our first floor room.  There is also a restaurant on the property and a ‘convenience’ store that’s opened for about an hour and half in the evening.  The view from our room was obstructed by a utility pole and wires but if you go to the water side of the convenience store there’s a really nice porch where you can sit and watch the sun set.  Kitchen supplies were really limited.  No glassware at all…just coffee cups for drinking out of and only two plates.  There’s a big pot and a bigger pot.  Take what you need if you’re going to cook.  A Korean friend made these reservations for us.  The website is a little misleading.  It’s not close to anything but if you’re looking for peace and quiet without the sound of a single car or horn honking then this is a good place to stay.

All of the places had a kettle & fridge, and most had a rice cooker if you need such a thing.  A few had microwaves.

If you have any questions about any of the places or want to see more pictures you can message me thru’ Facebook.  Ardis Csontos Haislet 🙂