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Best of Ulsan – Mind, Body and Soul

These categories cover  a range of topics, from cinema to churches to massages.

In the Cinema category, I would have expected this to be a little more defined. I certainly have my favorite place to watch movies.  But so does everyone else, and they’re all different.

No clear winner here, although the loser is Munsu World Cup Drive In which got 0 votes.

In the Hair Stylist/Salon category the competition was fierce, but the winner is clear:

  • Toni & Guy, an partner, came away with 54% of the votes and is awarded the Best Hair Salon in Ulsan.
  • Vidal Sassoon – 15.4% of the votes
  • Other hair shops, included Molli Sarang (can’t be any bias here as that’s my wife’s shop), Juno Hair Salon and an Honorable Mention must go out to “my bathroom with some clippers” which scored one vote.

Next is the Spa, Sauna and Jjimjilbang categories.  We didn’t get many votes for these places. Whether that’s because people are ignorant or apathetic, I don’t know and I don’t care. Or maybe it’s because their favorites place is “the one around the corner,” and can’t remember the name.  In any event, the winners are:

  • Family Spa took a majority of votes for Spas and Saunas.
  • Lotte Hotel Spa and Daero Sauna get Honorable Mention.

Not a single Jjimjilbang was voted for.  Apparently, our readers aren’t into the places.

Massage, both ‘clean’ and ‘happy ending’ (a category I threw in just for fun) resulted in few votes.

  • Sabu was voted best massage in Ulsan with a single vote. Not knowing where it is, perhaps our reader who voted for this place can enlighten the rest of us as to its whereabouts. This was interesting because a recent discussion on our facebook page regarding massages resulted in quite a few opinions.

And in the Soul department, an equal split :

  • Ulsan English Fellowship, another UlsanOnline partner and JeonHa Church split the award for Best Church in UIsan with 50% of the votes apiece.

Interestingly enough, we didn’t include a temple, mosque or synagogue category in our poll. However, no one pointed this egregious error in omission out to us.