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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

How-To: Ulsan buses

Hi there! You’ve made it to Ulsan – congratulations! After getting unpacked you’re going to want to explore and the bus system here is great for that! And even if you’re not a Newbie, understanding how the buses work could save you a lot in taxi fares! So, here are some answers to the questions most frequently asked:

Where can I take a bus from?

Any bus stop.

How do I know which bus to take?

Check out the link on the Ulsan Online home page. Just type your destination and you’ll get a list of buses going that way. You can also type in the bus numbers and see the route they follow. There are also numerous apps available (though non are in English yet). I prefer 울산버스정보.

How much is the bus?

Here in Korea, there is a flat fare for a city bus, meaning that whether you are going just one stop or twenty, it will still only cost you 1,200 won cash and 1,140 won with a travel card. (More on those later.)

How do I pay the fare?

Unlike in Japan, it is very simple here. Cash goes into a big plastic box as you get on. Any change comes out a coin slot next to this. Try to have the correct fare or as close to as you can as the drivers don’t take 5,000 won! If you’re using a travel card, hold it over the dark blue/orange box near the driver. If you need to transfer buses, a travel card is crucial here as it allows you to make a free transfer to two other bus within 40 minutes. This is great if you want to do a whirlwind shop at Home Plus and don’t want to pay again to get home! To do this, hold your card over the box at the back doors of the bus as you get off and then again when you get on your next bus. Note: This only works when taking a different number bus and is effective for 40 minutes after the time you swiped your card each time.

What’s this travel card, then?

Travel cards here are awesome. Seriously.


Not only does having a travel card allow you to use public transport cheaper than cash, they can also be used nation wide. And not just for buses – they can be used for the subway as well. No more fumbling for change and panicking about where you put your ticket!

Many taxis also accept travel cards – no more worrying about saving 10,000 won to get home on a Saturday night. Have another beer and let your travel card take care of you! Note: Do check that the taxi has a “Card” sticker in the window.

And that’s not all! You can also use the credit on your travel card to buy things from convenience stores and Lotteria!

So, where can I get one of these travel cards?

Larger bus stops have a kiosk where you can purchase a card. You can also top up the credit here. Some convenience stores also allow top up – especially if they are near a bus stop. Just look for a MyBee or CashBee sticker in the window.

Anything else I should know?

Well, the buses also have free WiFi, air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter! You can get just about anywhere in and around Ulsan. But do be prepared to experience some hair-raising rides – some of the drivers are insane!!

I hope that helps you feel more confident about using the buses here. Have fun and be safe!