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International Flea Market

The Ulsan International Volunteer Center  is having an International Flea Market on May 17th at Ulsan Grand Park (East Gate, which is Gonguptop)

This event is in it’s third year, having been started by the Ulsan Pear Staff and carried on by the Ulsan Sun. This years event is being run by T-Hope.

There will be 13 tents from different countries selling their products, food and whatever they desire.

There will also be live music, Beer Garden, and BBQ for all to enjoy.

It’s to raise money for different charities across Ulsan.

T-HOPE (Teachers Helping Other People Everywhere) is getting invovled this year.

We are reponsible for 3 tents, the Beer Garden, BBQ, and live music.

1 tent for North America,1 for Europe, 1 for Australia/ New Zealand,and Africa.

What we need is for you to get invovled by donating 1 Sunday of your time to raise money for charities.