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Reflecting on a Decade of Ulsan Online: Bridging Communities in the Heart of South Korea


In February of 2014, I embarked on a journey that was both daunting and exhilarating—taking the helm of Ulsan Online. Little did I know, this endeavor would not only shape the next ten years of my life but also leave an indelible mark on the Ulsan community. As we celebrate a decade of connections, challenges, and community, I find it both humbling and inspiring to look back on the path we’ve navigated together.

From Humble Beginnings

When I assumed leadership of Ulsan Online, the website was in a precarious state, fraught with malware and viruses—a testament to neglect and the complexities of digital platforms. The challenge was not just about reviving a website; it was about resurrecting a community hub. The initial hurdles were steep, requiring not just financial investment but a leap of faith into the unknown.

Building More Than a Website

Over the years, Ulsan Online has evolved from a mere information portal into a vibrant community. This transformation was not without its trials. Criticism and skepticism were frequent companions on this journey. Yet, the vision of connecting the foreigner and Korean communities in Ulsan remained unwavering.

I faced adversities, from local businesses viewing our community merely as a profit-making opportunity to online FB groups attempting to undercut all of my efforts. These challenges, however, could not detract from our mission. The heart of Ulsan Online—its people—remained steadfast and supportive.

A Labor of Love and Sacrifice

This journey has been a personal testament to resilience. The sacrifices were significant, from enduring harsh criticisms to facing threats and witnessing attempts to siphon off our much-needed financial support. Yet, the darkest moments often precede the dawn. A particularly trying time was dealing with the insensitive messages for delayed post-approval during the passing of my father—a moment that tested my resolve to its limits.

Despite these challenges, the positive impacts of my work have been profound. Witnessing the growth of our Facebook group from a few thousand to over 12,000 members and receiving heartfelt messages of gratitude has been incredibly rewarding. These moments serve as a reminder of the vital role Ulsan Online plays in the lives of many here in this great city.

Looking Forward with Hope

As we look to the future, I am committed to further improving and updating Ulsan Online. Financial hurdles remain, yet the determination to enhance our platform is stronger than ever. This endeavor is driven by a commitment to our community and a vision for what Ulsan Online can continue to be—a bridge that connects, supports, and enriches the lives of its members.

 A Heartfelt Thank You

To everyone who has been a part of this journey—through the trials and the triumphs—your support has been the wind beneath our wings. The road has not always been smooth, but it has certainly been worthwhile. As we look ahead, I promise that the next decade of Ulsan Online will be marked by even greater strides in connecting and supporting our community.

Here’s to another decade of growth, connection, and community. Thank you for standing with Ulsan Online. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the heart of South Korea.