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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

The Best (and Worst) of Ulsan – 2012

Hey, Ulsan! What do you like? What’s your favourite restaurant? Where do you like to go for a night out? In your opinion, which beach is the best option in the summer?

We’re putting together a Best Of Ulsan 2012 list, and we want you to tell us what those bests are.

Best of Ulsan Poll – 2012


The way the voting system is set up is easy. There are a bunch of categories, and you can type in your entry. The place with the most entries wins. If you have no opinion on the category, no worries – just skip it, and tell us about what you do like.

If you like a place for more than one reason, you can vote for it in a variety of categories, (ie, best beach and best tourist destination), but please, don’t vote for something in the same category more than once.

Once we’ve tallied it all up, we will announce the results, so stay tuned to find out who and what are the Best of Ulsan 2012!

And, if our survey seems to be lacking a category, please let us know. It’s not too late to add. Voting will be up for a while.