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The Best of Ulsan!

The results are in and Deirdre Madden and I are feverishly counting votes. We’ll start publishing the winners in various categories very soon.  When we publish them, you’ll see them first on our front page as they go live.  But later, you’ll be able to find them easily through a new menu item we’ve added.  Under the Survival Guide on our top menu, we’ve added a new page entitled “Reader’s Choice: Best of Ulsan.”  You’ll be able to see at a glance the best places to go and the places to avoid in Ulsan.  In addition to the spectacular restaurant reviews, nightlife guide and travel articles that our writers have created over the years, you’ll be able to cut to the quick and go right to the heart of what our readers have declared as the best there is in the city.  No dilly-dallying around making decisions and sifting through dozens or hundreds of reviews.  We hope this will be a useful addition to our website as well as to your time here in Ulsan.

And just a word or two about the methodology we employed.  We know not everyone has experienced all the possible places in town. We also know some people haven’t been here long enough to know or even have an opinion on what’s best. So the voting was entirely optional, on each category as well as each individual items.  Some items that are popular among our readers received a large number of votes. Others items, received only a few votes, indicating few people have an opinion while others don’t know or don’t care.  A few categories received no votes at all. That’s fine. It wasn’t a scientific poll and wasn’t meant to be – we threw in a few categories that were just for fun.  But it is a fair attempt to get what our readers think is the best (and worst) there is in Ulsan.

Later, when the dust settles, we plan to award certificates to the winners. The certificates will be worthy of hanging on the wall and displaying to customers to let them know just how well loved they are in this town.

So, with that,  may the best businesses win!