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Wine and English Club to Promote Multi-National Networking

Jared Ingalls, a professor at Ulsan College, will hold the kick-off meeting for the Ulsan Wine and English Club. An avid wine connoisseur, Jared hopes to blend his love of fine wines with some classic networking within the community. Jared, an ethnic Korean American citizen, is a long time resident of Korea and has many well-placed contacts within the Korean community as well as the English-teaching foreigner community.

Jared says the goal of the Wine and English Club is to just some good, old fashioned networking among professionals and to promote some multi-national cooperation and communication.

The first meeting is already on the social calendar and is slated for Friday, October 16th at 7pm in Samssandong. Bring 이만원 (20,000 won) and a bottle of wine of your choosing.