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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Worst of Ulsan – 2012

We asked our readers for the worst places to eat, work, catch a taxi, walk at night, get medical care and be in traffic.  Here’s what they said:

In the Worst Place to Eat Category, our readers chose Golden Eagles in Samsandong with 54% of the votes. Golden eagles has had a little kitchen trouble in the recent past although they fared reasonably well in the Best Pub category. We hope they resolve their issues quickly are back serving delicious food as they’ve  been capable of doing in the past. Lotteria gets an Honorable Mention with 15%.  Although several other establishments got votes, they were all single votes and perhaps a single disgruntled customer from each. We chose not to mention those votes and sully the name of an otherwise good establishment.

In the Worst Place to Catch a Taxi our readers selected several places. Samsandong, near Lotte Dept. and Hyundai Dept. Stores rated highly as bad places to catch a taxi at night. 25% of the votes went to these areas. OkDong took down 25% of the votes. Other locations include the opposite side of CGV Theater,  Munsu Stadium, Cheongok and Bukgu.

Worst traffic Areas in Ulsan were split between the main road to Onsan (Petrochemical area) from Taewhagang Station, Gongeuptop Rotary, and Sinbok Rotary. There were a lot of throw-away votes in this category, indicative of the general frustration most foreigners have with driving in Korea.

For the Worst Place to Walk Alone at Night, our survey received only a single vote for Sungnamdong, although the voter added the caveat of “… heard to many stories,” [sic] indicating it was only hearsay and not any real experience.  If we can only scrape up one vote and that based on what someone else said, then obviously this translates into a Win! for Ulsan as probably the Safest Place Any of Us Have Ever Lived.

The Worst Place to Work in Ulsan included a smattering of votes for Smith, ELC, MBC and Kid’s College and one vote for “Any public school

The Worst Place to Get Medical Care also got only one vote and the voter only remarked on the lack of English. No mention of poor medical care was mentioned, so we chose not to besmirch the name of the facility.