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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Royal Anchor’s American Thanksgiving

Each year, Mr. Kim at the Royal Anchor puts together a traditional American thanksgiving meal to share with the expats of Ulsan. This year is no exception:

Mr. Kim would like you to join him in celebrating the U.S.’s Thanksgiving Holiday  on Saturday November 23rd from 7-9pm!!!  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA


For only 25,000 won you get westerner-prepared turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, thanksgiving veggies, pumpkin pie (and maybe apple pie as well), and more…and ALL THE WINE YOU CAN DRINK (at least until 9)!! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

After the Thanksgiving feast a smooth-ass, chilled-out band will play us tunes to help us reach the nirvana of post-Thanksgiving-gorging.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Seating is limited to 40 so ACT FAST TO RESERVE A SEAT! You can reserve a seat by going to Royal Anchor and buying a ticket, or you can send Mr. Kim your 25,000 (기업은행 <IBK Bank> 172-036514-02-024, name 김정규).”SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

So, whether you’re a homesick American looking for friends to spend the holiday with, or just someone who loves turkey and pie, head down to the Anchor to get your ticket!  The Royal Anchor is pinned on the Interactive Map, but it’s pretty easy to find. From Shigaetap (the clock circle) in Shinae (Seongnamdong), walk away from the river (keep the Exordium towers at your back). Royal Anchor is on the 2nd floor on the left-hand side of the road, about 2 buildings up from Shigaetap. The entrance is on the side of the building.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA