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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Shared Lane Turning

On a shared lane (one that has a left-turn as well as a straight lane) who has the right of way? I am constantly being honked at and sometimes even have drivers attempting to push my car into traffic just to make a left-hand turn! Who is at-fault? How about a shared right turn, where impatient drivers behind honk to get you to move into the pedestrian area so they can turn right. Is it legal to move into the pedestrian crossing?


On a Shared lane that can go straight and turn left together, for the most part, the “traffic light” give you green and left-light at the same time. If green-light and left-light are not turn on simultaneously, there is nothing wrong with waiting for the light you need in a correct lane. Additionally, to improve traffic flow, you are allowed to take a right-turn even on red in Korea (on the condition that there is not special right-turn traffic-light installed) And you can also move your car within not crossing pedestrian lines to help drivers behind being able to turn-right.