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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

**CLOSED** Dano: The Chef Without Borders



There is not another expat who has given more to this community than Dan Gauthier. From his work establishing many charities and his volunteer work he established himself as a pillar of the community and an example for us all. However, it is his passion and dedication to cooking that is the real story here. 0v4b2644

Dan’s passion for cooking showed in the chilli that he makes for numerous volunteer events and in his dedication to getting his Cordon Bleu certification. In order to get that certification he had to travel to Seoul at 3 am 3-times a week for his classes. The training and dedication shows in the food that he creates at Dano.


Upon entering Dano, I was met by the warm smiles of both Dan and Jin, his front-of-house manager. I immediately felt at home. From the sounds of the Canadian radio style of the interior, everything was comfortable without coming off too pretentious or tacky. It was just the right balance of style and comfort that one looks for in a casual dining experience.


Jin makes you feel at home while Dan gets your order ready. At the moment they are running a selective menu until their chefs arrive. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying Dan’s amazing food. I can assure you that all of the food on their current menu is amazing but let me point out a few that you should try.


The Cheesesteak

Few places around serve a proper cheesesteak. Now, this is not the processed cheese covered version from Philly but Dan’s own version that is so delicious that you will coming back for more. This had to be one of the best dishes that I have had in while. This no-frills meal comes with hand-cut french fries as well. The bun is fresh-baked locally in Ulsan to Dan’s standards. This means that it won’t fall apart in your hands or break your jaw trying bite through it. The bun is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside to hold in all the beef, cheese, onions and hot peppers.


The Fish and Chips

This one really brought back memories for me. It has been so long since I’ve had proper beer-battered fish. It was here that I could taste Dan’s expertise. Too often people try to make fish and chips and fail miserably. Either the coating is soggy with oil or the fish is well… too fishy. Dan’s fish and chips were perfect. The crispy coating complimented a perfectly cooked piece of fish.


Currently Dano is having a soft opening until their chefs arrive and then they will hold their grand opening event. Dano is sure to be a great place for expats and Koreans alike as Dan is keenly aware of his patrons and strives to create dishes that everyone one can enjoy.

Dano is located near Ulsan University in Mugeo-dong and just past the famous Babo Sageori. For reservations please call 052-277-2992. There is parking under the park next to Dano or along the street by the Mugeo stream.