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Donnas Doughnuts

It is not too often that a small shop opens up that not only makes delicious food but also inspires people. However, that is exactly what Donnas Doughnuts is, delicious and inspiring. I hope that this article can show just how proud I am that this little shop exists and that the owner follows her dreams. To be honest, when I talked to the owner, I was so impressed by her story that I decided to add it to what would normally be just your typical restaurant review.

The Story

Before you can understand the risk that the owner, Kim Bomin took, you have to understand the reality that many young people face here in Korea. Every kid HAS to finish school at the top of their class and they HAVE to attend a “good university” in order to even get a chance at getting an interview. The reason you often hear the phrase “hell joseon” is because many students face the harsh reality of life here in Korea and never really have a chance to escape it.

Young people work hard at school and at after-school academies to get into a good university but too many fail at following their dreams. Too many children grow up missing their calling in life. However, Bomin is following hers. After COVID hit, her plans to travel to the USA as part of an exchange program were put on hold. So, to pass the time she started baking.

It was then that she found her calling. Friends and family quickly noted that her food was amazing. She started learning how to make different recipes online and creating some of the classic doughnuts that we all love as well as experimenting with new flavours.

With the help of her mother, Bomin would soon open her shop near Save Zone and go on to create some of the best doughnuts that I have ever tasted. This is saying a lot as I am Canadian and I am pretty sure I will lose my citizenship by saying that these doughnuts are much better than anything you will find in a shop like Tim Hortons!

It has to be noted, that what Bomin did and for her family to allow and support it goes against everything here in Korea. In my almost 20 years of living in Korea, I have never met anyone that has dropped out of school to pursue their dreams. I can only hope that more kids are inspired by Bomin and follow their dreams. I also hope that we a foreign community can help support this place as well.

The Doughnuts

As a Canadian, I grew up on doughnuts and we are one of the few countries that holds a donut shop so close to our collective hearts that Tim Horton’s has become somewhat of a national identity. So when it comes to doughnuts, I don’t mess around. In Korea, there are some interesting options to choose from, but I will say that many fall far from being what I would call “delicious” and that even includes Krispy Kreme. So when I heard about Donna’s Doughnuts, I was expecting a fusion blend of pretty decorated pastries that don’t really taste like much. I WAS SOOOOOO WRONG!


What amazed me the most were how fresh the doughnuts were and how amazing they tasted. The banana pudding donut was absolutely amazing and the Boston Creme is to die for! What sets these apart from the chain places is the fact that Bomin uses fresh ingredients and makes everything by hand. You can see it in the flecks of vanilla bean in the filling for the Boston Creme donut and in the flavours of all of her donuts.

When I asked her where she learned how to do this, I was put back by her answer because she told me that she just learned off of youtube and pinterest. If you have ever seen the show “Nailed It” on Netflix then you know how hard it is to pull off donuts on this level by watching a video on youtube. Again, you can see how different Bomin is. Most of my students over the years, regardless of how simple the skill was, all went to hogwans or special schools to get certified. From coffee to knitting, so many have spent years and a lot of money learning nothing. Bomin took up the challenge and made something amazing.

The one thing that I will say is that you should get there early as the word is getting around about these amazing doughnuts and often she sells out by the afternoon. So I would highly recommend that you follow her on instagram to make sure that there are some doughnuts left when you arrive. Also, if you want to bump into some friendly faces, I heard that there is a secret group of foreigners that meet up at the shop every Sunday around 2 pm.

The Directions

Donnas Doughnuts is located in Samsandong close to Save Zone and at the end of the “Wedding Street” and across from the little park.

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Address in Korean: 울산 남구 번영로246번길 14 (우)44696지번삼산동 1502-1


  • Wed ~ Sun 11:00 ~ 18:30
  • Closed: Mon/ Tue