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The Lighthouse: Classic Pizza in a Comfortable Space

If you have lived in Ulsan long enough, you will know that good pizza is hard to comeby. Pizza in Korea for the most part is a different type of thing than what we are used to back home. Sadly, while many Koreans enjoy a pizza with sweet potato, steak, shrimp and chocolate sauce. However, the average foreigner does not share the same opinion.

Lighthouse bridges the gap so to speak. It is close enough to what foreigners think a pizza should be but also has the variety that Koreans have come to expect. This is all wrapped up in a comfortable environment that doesn’t feel like you are eating dinner at an elementary school cafeteria.

The Pizza

On the number of occasions that I have eaten at the Lighthouse, I have zeroed in on their combination pizza as being a favourite. However, they do have a formidable hawaiian pizza if that is your thing. The pizza comes in 2 sizes basically personal and a large for 2 people. This is sort of their downfall as the price is reasonable but I would like a little bit more.

The prices are around 13,000 won for a small cheese pizza and up to 23,000 won for a large potato pizza that is basically a pizza with a mountain of french fries on top. My beloved combination pizza comes to 17,000 won for the small and 22,000 won for the large. Half and half pizzas are also available (as seen in the pics).

The only other issue that I have is just the fact that I can see them sliding towards making more “pizza abominations” in order to please their customers. It is a tough line to walk as there is a gap between what people think pizza here should be and what pizza should be. In order to please young people many restaurants move from authentic pizza like what Grappa in Dong-gu serves to what looks cool or what pizza hut is calling pizza now. I will update this post if I catch wind that they are serving gorgonzola pizza with blueberry jam and honey… Let’s pray that it never comes to that.

As it stands now they make some pretty decent pizza. The dough is fresh and and the sauce is bright and flavorful. If you are having the combination, the sauce actually compliments the entire pizza as it is just sweet enough to balance the flavours but not sickly sweet that you want to add some sweet potato. The crust is crispy and just the right consistency. Not too thin where the topping fall off as you attempt to take a bite. Also not too thick where it feels like you are eating half a loaf of bread.

The Location

The Lighthouse is located just down the road from the open parking lot in Samsandong. It is also located quite close to Cafe La Nuit and the Drive-thru Starbucks in Samsandong.

Kakao link for map and bus info. Menu and food photos.