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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

A Guide to Public Order for Foreigners

The following is the contents of a brochure recently put together by the Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency, mostly to highlight potential differences in laws here from home that may get you into trouble.

(Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency)

1. Offenses easy to commit if you did not know

1) Misdemeanors that may be trivial but should be remembered
– Possessing or carrying around deadly weapons such as knife and Jackknife arbitrarily without permit is subject to punishment.
Being drunk and getting out of control toward other people without reason or deliberately exposing shocking tattoos to cause disgust in public places are also subject to punishment.

2) Response to assaults
– When you receive a damage by assaults or verbal abuses, please report to the police at 112 as soon as possible rather than responding with violence.
– When fighting occurs, assault charges are basically applicable to both parties. Since fighting has the nature of an offensive action as well as a defensive action, it is not likely to be treated as a self-defense. However, if it stops at a passive defense to prevent violence without an intent to fight at all, the self-defense is applicable so as not to be punished.

3) Gambling action
– When you get together with friends, stake money and conduct gambling such as poker, mah-jong, sokdiya, etc. you are subject to punishment for illegal gambling.
– Even when you provide a place for gambling without participating in the gambling, you will be punished based on the gambling action.

4) Trading of bankbook
– Various fraud criminals such as voice phishing may use others’ bankbooks to have victims’ money deposited.
– Transfer or loan of your bankbook to others is subject to punishment.

5) Punishment for narcotics
– In Korea, all actions including illegal production, distribution, administration, possession, issuance of narcotics are subject to criminal punishment.
– In Korea, there are police investigation teams dedicated to narcotics, and narcotics crimes are severely punished.

2. Traffic regulations in Korea which may be different

1) Processing of traffic accidents
– Upon occurrence of a traffic accident, foreigners are eligible for collection of indemnification according to the procedures as well. When a traffic accident occurs, you should stop first to affirm the accident, and take emergency measures such as reporting to 119 and waiting for an ambulance if there is an injured party.
– You should report the place of accident, the number of casualties and the extent of injury using the 112 reporting. Even when you do not report to the police, you’d better have the insurance received at the site.

2) Operation of two-wheeled vehicles
– To operate all two-wheeled vehicles, you need to have a Korean driver’s license or an international driver’s license suited to the relevant conditions.
– The operator and the passenger of a two-wheeled vehicle should make sure to wear a safety helmet, and will be charged with a penalty in the case of failing to wear them.

3) “Unprotected” left turn (Biboho – 비보호)
– The traffic sign ‘Unprotected(No protection)’ written together with the left turn sign means that you may make a left turn without obstructing passage of the vehicles in the opposite lane upon the green signal meaning driving straight.
Left turn is not allowed upon the red signal, and you are in violation of the signal if you make a left turn in the absence of the green signal.

4) Time allowed for right turn
– Even in the case of a red signal, making a right turn is allowed to make smooth the passage of vehicles as long as the pedestrians’ walking is not obstructed. However, the signal should be followed when there is a separate signal light for right turn.

3. Report to the police in this manner

1) Upon infliction with crime damages
– When you witnessed a criminal action or are inflicted with crime damages, you can report to 112without any station number to receive help from the police in the shortest possible time.
– Even if you are not proficient in Korean language, the workers at the 112 report center can help you to have your report to be received and processed through the interpretation service.
– Since the police officer at the 112 report center may not know what country’s language it is, it will be more convenient if you are prepared with the knowledge on how to say in Korean what country you are from.
– The 112 reporting is possible without using coins if you use the emergency call (112 after pushing the red emergency button) on the public telephone..

2) Upon damages due to sexual violence
– Without washing your body as you were at the time of the damages, go to the Sunflower Center for Women and Children, or report to 112 immediately.
– When you go to a hospital, they may give you only a general treatment, make sure to inform them that you are a victim of sexual violence and have them to collect evidence.

3) Upon damages due to family violence
Report to 112, inform the surroundings such as relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc. immediately of the situation and request for their help.
– When you need counseling, either call Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women or visitMulticultural Family Support Center.

4) Upon loss or finding an article
– When you lost articles, visit the nearest police headquarters.
– When you lost your passport as a tourist, affirm the procedures for issuance of a travel certificate, etc. through your own country’s consulate.
– When you picked up other’s articles, put them in the nearest postbox or report to the police headquarters. Arbitrary acquisition of lost articles is subject to punishment.

A guide to major telephone numbers
▸Crime reporting : 112
▸Fire, emergency reporting : 119
▸Foreigner interpretation service(BBB) : 1588-5644
▸Korea Immigration Information Center : 1345
▸Ulsan Megalopolis Global Center : 1577-2818
▸Ministry of Employment and Labor Counseling Center : 1350 (Foreign language 5)
▸Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women : 1577-1366
▸Korea Tourism Organization’s Comprehensive Guide : 02-1330
▸Emergency Medical Information Service : 02-1339
▸Danuri Call Center : 1577-5432