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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Domestic Violence

What should I do if I am suffering from domestic violence?

If your spouse uses physical violence or threats by breaking an object, immediately leave the dangerous situation and ask for help to the neighbors or go to a room, lock the door and call 112. Don’t get involved in a fight with your spouse if possible. Even if domestic violence is reported to the police, not all abusers are legally charged with a felony. If the abuser deeply regrets his/her violent acts and the victim decides not to take a legal action against the abuser, they can keep their marriage as before. If there are any situational “warning signs” that could lead to domestic violence such as threatening, humiliating, and blaming, please get counseling at ‘Official for Married Immigrant Women’ at Police Department under relevant jurisdictions or ‘Assistance Center for Foreigners’
To get counseling, call ‘Emergency Call for Women’ at 1366 or ‘Emergency Support Center for Migrant Women’ at 1577-1366