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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

100,000 Careers Lost

That’s how many boys have staked their futures and professional lives on becoming pro-gamers and will now have to re-think things. The latest edition of the much anticipated computer game, Starcraft, this one ingeniously title Starcraft II, has been given the dreaded 18+ rating in South Korea. All those little tykes, who should be studying anyway, will not be able to play Starcraft II until they are old enough – far too late to get seriously good at it to be “pro.”

The article states that the creators, Blizzard may in fact redo things to get a better rating, but that would delay it until next year. That’s a lot of lost revenue in the meanwhile and I’m betting they don’t clean it up.

Combine that with the curfew Korea is planning to lay out and Korean kids will have find entirely new ways to entertain themselves.

There’s always reruns of the BUTman movies.