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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

2014 World Cup Match Times (Korean Time Zone)

Thanks to Thomas Raymond for posting this in the Ulsan Online Facebook group. Since Facebook posts tend to disappear off the page easily, I thought I’d put it here for easy finding.

Several bars and pubs around town will be showing the matches, and putting on food specials. Check out Early Doors or Pub HQ in Bangeojin/Donggu for the England vs Italy match. Speak to the owners of foreign friendly bars if there’s a particular game you’re hoping to catch – most owners will be willing to open if there is a demand for it.

Also, the Korean matches tend to be shown on big screens across the city. Last World Cup they were shown at Munsu Stadium, Ulsan University, Taehwagang Grand Park, and a few other places. The atmosphere tends to be a lot of fun, even with 4am kick-offs.