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A New Chapter at UlsanOnline

It is with mixed emotions I write this note.

My time here as Editor in Chief of UlsanOnline has come to an end. In the next few weeks I will be starting a very big personal project that is likely to eat up all of my time and energy for a while to come. Because of this, I have been working with Jason Teale so that he can take over running the site and the Facebook community group.

Jason has been involved in UlsanOnline since before it even existed; he was a founding member of its paper predecessor, the Ulsan Pear, and also worked with the short-lived Ulsan Sun magazine. He’s also well known in Ulsan for his stunning, vivid photography, and runs his own website and photography blog, so he knows a thing or two about websites. I hope you all join me in welcoming Jason as the new Editor in Chief!

He has some exciting ideas for updating and improving the site, so watch out over the next few months for some streamlining and tidying.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site during my run – in particular, my former tech crew, Carl Schreep (who put together the Interactive Map, among many other tasks) and Veena Srinivasan (who did the movie updates, re-did the drop-down menus, and a multitude of other work); my editor David Alexander (news updates, restaurant reviews); Jake Corre for his numerous restaurant reviews; and Marty Martinez, who took on the movie updates after Veena moved home. I’d also like to thank the moderators on the Facebook group that were not already mentioned above, for helping keep a check on the spam postings and inevitable random fights that break out over the oddest topics – Hazel Smith and Meg Sheppard.

And of course, a big thank-you to Fin Madden and Marty Rehder who started it all, and then trusted me with their baby when they both left for new adventures in other lands.

Finally, thank-YOU. Thanks to the readers of the website and the members of the Facebook group who have created such a vibrant community in Ulsan, both online and off. It has been a pleasure to be involved.