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A Word of Thanks and some nudity

The Inferno was held on June 5th and was a roaring success.   A great time was had by all. Not a single a problem occurred during the event or the banquet that evening.  That’s no small task, as pulling one of these things together smoothly is not nearly as easy as one might believe.

Check out the video.

A word of thanks go out to those who put forth a serious amount of effort in making this year’s Inferno an event to remember.  People who tirelessly worked to create, plan, organize and hold the Inferno  (in alphabetical order) are :

  • Robert Lee Ferrie
  • Ryan Hitch
  • Fin Madden
  • Jason Teale

We must also thank the many sponsors of the event, without which the event would likely have been far less fun and very likely been held in a SomeGuy’s Apartment or maybe a Lotteria. Those sponsors who helped with money and time include :

  • Ulsan Motorbike
  • Mr Goh’s motorbikes (dae gyung)
  • Bangeojin Motorbikes
  • OMK Bikes

Due to the supreme efforts of the planners of the Inferno, the costs of the T-shirts, food, beverages, posters, wristbands, etc., were held to a minimum. In fact, their scrupulous planning was so efficient that after all the prizes were awarded, T-shirts worn, food eaten and  beer consumed there was actually money left over.  The Inferno, having never been considered a profit making venture, was designed purely for the enjoyment of the participants.  The excess money from the event will therefore be donated to a worthy cause – The Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary.

And surely, we must also give a sincere shout out of thanks to the participants, without whom the event would surely have been a no-go.  Thanks for riding, and we hope to see you on the Inferno next year!