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After Ulsan: Chris Mazeroll

It is not every day that you get a chance to meet up with someone that you met while living abroad. We often lose contact with those who were a big part of the community here in Ulsan after they leave. However, when I heard that a prominent member of the Ulsan community was living now “near” where I was studying, I made the 5 1/2 hour drive out to see him.


After a long drive through some of the most beautiful country that I have seen in a long time I was great warmly by Chris Mazeroll. Many of you know Chris from his impressive computer skills and repairs. During his time in Ulsan, he quickly became the go-to guy for computer repairs and help. He was an active member of Ulsan Online’s facebook group and was always willing to help out. When he announced that he was leaving to run a bed and breakfast in Nova Scotia it left a bit of a hole in the fabric of the expat community. However, it was great to see that he is doing well back home.


Chris and Gina own the beautiful Chateau Sainte-Marie bed and breakfast along the shores of St. Mary’s Bay on the Western side of Nova Scotia, Canada. The beautiful old house was built in the 1920’s and has been completely restored and converted into a fine BnB that is comfortable and steeped in local culture. It is located in the Acadian village of Little Brook and is the perfect place for decompressing after spending a few years in Asia. The backyard looks directly out onto the bay and is spectacular during a fine Canadian sunset. I am sure that it is quite the change from living in a one-room apartment in Ulsan. So, I asked Chris a few questions about his transition home. Hopefully they will help a few of us with our own transitions.


UO: What was moving back like and do you miss Ulsan?

Chris: The best way to describe moving back home to a house and business is it’s like growing up over night. All of a sudden I have so many responsibilities and things that need to be done. It’s great but it very different from life in Ulsan. I miss the people and the general feeling that everyone has for living for the moment. Now everything for me is about making the business better and working for the future.

UO: What was one of the biggest challenges that you faced when you returned home?

Chris: I live in a very lightly populated area. That’s great for when I want to relax on the deck and I don’t hear anything but the sounds of the sea but when I want delivery chicken or catch a taxi it can be pretty frustrating. Also, everything closes at 8. Hard to get used to when you’ve been in a 24h environment for so many years.

Inside one of the beautiful rooms at Chateau Sainte-Marie

Inside one of the beautiful rooms at Chateau Sainte-Marie

UO: What do you enjoy most about being home?

Chris: By far the most enjoyable thing is be able to see my family and long time friends. Didn’t really realize how much I missed them before I came back. I did make some amazing friends in Ulsan though. People I’ll stay friends with for life.

UO: Any advice for people returning home after being abroad for many years?

Chris: You’ve changed and grown a lot but other people have too, just in different ways. As I mentioned before it will feel like everyone else has grown up and you have to do it over night. Just take things a day at a time and don’t feel like everything has to be done right away. You’ll settle in eventually.


UO: Is there anything else that you’d like to say about your business? 

Chris: I’m lucky enough to come from a very remote place with a small population. It’s a huge change from being in Asia. The perfect place to decompress. Could be a good place for someone coming back home to take a detour and slowly slide back in to western life or spend some time where there’s just no one around. Our house is newly renovated inside and retains it’s original architecture on the outside. Plus the shore and sunset in the backyard are just awesome.


I would like to thank Chris and Gina for letting me stay at their beautiful bed and breakfast. If you would like more information about Chateau Sainte-Marie you can find their information below.

Chateau Sainte-Marie’s Website Chateau Sainte-Marie on Facebook


Contact: Chateau Sainte-Marie B&B ​ 959 Highway 1, Little Brook, Nova Scotia, Canada B0W 1Z0 Tel: 1-902-769-8346