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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Be Fashionable…and Green

It’s not frequent we get to promote some smart ideas here in Korea. But James Patrick McAloon, current resident of Ulsan and a regular Wonshot player, has sprouted more than an idea for a clothing line that will help the environment. James has started Excentree Fashion Collections, a clothing line of 100% organic cotton men’s and women’s shirts.  Set to begin in October of 2009 McAloon promises that for every garment purchased, a tree will be planted in your choice of 17 countries.

Although the official website is still just a front page, the facebook group he has started has quite a bit more additional information.

If green is your thing, you shouldn’t pass up a chance to help the environment and help a fellow Ulsanonian (Ulsanite? Ulsaninnian? Ulsanese?) skip on over to facebook and see what’s in store at Excetree Fashion group