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Best of Ulsan – 2012 – Shopping

Everything from clothes, to appliances, sports equipment, furniture and souvenirs are covered here.

Men’s Clothes – Winner and Best in Ulsan for Men’s Clothes with 100% of the votes is UNI GLO.

Women’s Clothes11th Avenue in Shinae and Fashion News,  New Core Outlet and UniGlo all fared equally in the voting

Children’s Clothes UNI-GLO and New Core Outlet scored evenly as the Best in Ulsan for kid’s garb.

AccessoriesDotCom, Mungo.Com and Fashion News all scored the same.

Furniture – Although we can’t declare a street as the Best Shop, “The” Furniture street off of 가구사거리 near Hakseong Park is the place to buy, getting 66% of the votes. Honorable mention goes to Recycle Marts in the same neighborhood.

Appliances – No clear winner, but Hi-Mart takes the lead with 43% of the votes. Close behind is HomePlus with 29%. GMarket and Recycle Marts were also mentioned as good places to shop for appliances.

Sports Equipment – Voting was equally split between the Nike store in seongnamdong, HomePlus and EMart, so all three get an Honorable Mention

Western Food – A popular item to vote on, but our readers are clear in their choices. HomePlus takes the win with Best Place to Buy Western Food in Ulsan with 64% of the vote. Some voters specifically mentioned the Jung-gu Homeplus, but others simply listed the store name. I can attest to the fact that not all HomePlus stores are the same. I live near the Namgu HomePlus and their pickings of Waygook Bap are scant, so caveat emptor. Honorable Mention goes to Costco with 11%, not yet in Ulsan, but coming soon we hear, we’ll see how this place fares in next year’s poll. Foreigner Town took 9% of the votes while one confused voter listed a restaurant, The Hungry Kitchen, as their shopping choice.

And finally, who can even think about leaving Korea, even for just a vacation, without loading up on souvenirs for friends and family back home? Our readers did not quibble on this one. The winner, with 100% of the votes in the Best Place to Buy Souvenirs in Ulsan is Guam (구암) 

Congratulations to all the winners!