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BGN Eye Hospital Interview with Dr. Kang Jeong Yeop

Let’s learn more about Laser Vision Correction directly from BGN Eye Hospital leading ophthalmologist Dr. Kang Jeong Yeop.

Today we will interview with Dr. Kang and ask the most common questions about Laser Vision Correction.

– Hello Dr. Kang, one of the first questions that bothers our patients is ” Am I a candidate for a Laser Vision Correction”?

– Hello guys, First of all we should consider patients’ age, general health, lens prescription, eyes health and stable cornea condition. Ideal patient should be over 18 years old, has no eye disease and good corneal condition. Laser Vision Correction can be done for patients with nearsightedness up to -9 diopters, astigmatism up to -5 diopters and hyperopia up to +4 to 5 diopters.

– Thank you Dr. Kang. Also are there any health conditions or restrictions for Laser Vision Correction?

Laser Vision correction is not recommended for pregnant women, patients with cornea diseases such as keratinous or patients over 45 years old because of Presbyopia.

-I see, Dr. Kang, I know that there are several types of Laser Vision Correction (LASIK,LASEK,SMILE). Can patient choose preferred type of the surgery himself?

– Good question! On condition that after overall examination patient does not have any medical restrictions and cornea condition is good, patient may choose type of the Laser Vision Correction himself.

– That’s great news! Also I have heard about ReLEx SMILE – the newest type of Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Kang, so what is so special about SMILE surgery?

ReLEx SMILE is a mini-invasive surgery designed to treat nearsightedness and astigmatism. Traditional LASIK surgery involves creating a flap on the cornea, before using excimer laser to reshape the cornea. With ReLEx SMILE, no corneal flap is required, as femto-laser Visumax forms lenticula disc inside the cornea, which is removed through the tiny 2 mm incision on the upper layer of the cornea. As there is no flap involved cornea is stable and none of the complications with flap are involved.

-Thank you Dr. Kang! So could you please describe a perfect candidate for the SMILE surgery?

Perfect candidate for SMILE surgery is someone with stable cornea condition, myopia up to -9 diopters, or astigmatism up to -4 diopters.

– I see and who may not be a candidate?

Patient with hyperopia may not be a candidate for SMILE as well as patients with myopia over 9 diopters. If you would like to check if you are a candidate for SMILE or other types of Laser Vision Correction book a consultation with us and visit BGN!

Currently BGN Eye Hospital is offering free LASIK examination and consultation for everyone who would like to get rid of the glasses and contact lenses. As well, as Fall discounts up to 150,000 KRW that are valid until the 30th of November.

To book a consultation at BGN please contact them at direct line

010-7670-3995, kakao: eye1004bgnbusan, Facebook : eyehospitalinkorea or email: