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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Big Day South 2014


April is a busy month for Angle Magazine. We’re about to publish our 5th issue and we will be following it with our first ever festival. We are fortunate to team up with I Like Many Records (an indie record label and brainchild of former Ulsan resident, Ali Safavi) and the great people at [b]racket Magazine to create Big Day South, an exhilarating audio and visual festival in downtown Daegu.


Big Day South will be featuring some amazing artists from the south of South Korea and from around the world. Dogstar, who were featured in Angle Magazine’s fourth issue, have been playing together for over a decade. This legendary band has brought their experimental sound all over the country and influenced numerous up and coming bands. From Seoul, electronic producer and composer Yukari, who released one of our favourite Korean albums of 2013, will be bringing her lush chillwave / dream pop sound to Club Urban. Say Sue Me, from Busan, will bring their sexy surf music, which they showcased to a packed house at Sticky Fingers on Paddy’s Day. Yamagata Tweakster is described as “The quintessential Korean experience,” and for Big Day South, he returns to his hometown to wrap up our musical performances with a blast of electronic dance pop music. His shows are notoriously unpredictable, often bringing the party out into the streets.

dogstarOn top of all the fantastic acts from around Korea, Angle Magazine is delighted to have several talented artists representing Ulsan. Over the last couple of months, The Elsewheres have been scribbling away, producing original tunes, with the goal of recording their own album by the end of the year. Two relatively recent Ulsan arrivals will be showing off their talents: Canadian poet and spoken word artist, Sean O’Gorman, who will be performing between acts at Club Urban, and South African graffiti artist, Moke will be starting things off creating art on-site outside Social Market alongside local Daegu artist Pal lo. Wrapping things up at Social Market will be Kim Yi-wha, an Ulsan native and one of our city’s finest emerging artists, who has held breathtakingly large exhibitions containing a mixture of installation and performance art in London, Seoul, and Ulsan.


The main goal of Big Day South is to disprove the idea that someone needs to travel to Seoul to get their alternative culture fix. While Seoul is a thriving scene, the south of the country has wonderful talent that should not be overlooked. Angle Magazine has featured many of these artists in previous issues, striving to showcase their talent and give their work the justice it deserves through interviews and videos. As much as we love featuring these talented groups and individuals in our magazine, we are firm believers that its always best to experience art up close and in-person.


With 18 performers from Ulsan, Busan, and Daegu, Big Day South will be an excellent opportunity for you to get involved with your local arts scene, meet some amazing artists, and be a part of some interactive art that is sure to get your creativity flowing. Hard working local charities will be providing an assortment of goods and activities, such as freshly baked cake and costumes. The first 75 people at the door of Social Market will get a free and original screen printed poster, made in front of them by Mesh Printing. Tickets will be available at T Morning Cafe from 10am, with concessions available for single entry to either of our 2 venues.



Photo credits: Ken Robinson, Stephen Elliot, Cindi L’abbe, Min Kim, Philip Brett, Leon Choi.


 Social Market – 소셜마켓: 12pm-4pm

Moke (Ulsan – Street Art)

Mine Lee/이민혜 (Daegu – Acoustic)

Leon Choi (Daegu – Digital Painting)

Andrew Blad (Daegu – Acoustic)

William Joseph Leitzman (Daegu – Digital Comic)

Cindi L’Abbe (Busan – Dance)

김이화 (Ulsan – artist)

URBAN Lounge Club : 5pm – Late

The Elsewheres (Ulsan)

November on Earth (Daegu)

Sean O’Gorman (Ulsan – Spoken Word)

The Curses (Daegu)

Colours (Daegu)

Say Sue Me (Busan)

유카리(YUKARI) (Seoul)

도그스타 / Dogstar (Daegu)

yamagata tweakster (Daegu/Seoul)

Akimbo (Busan)